Food represents the culture of a country – most food lovers won’t disagree with this statement. If we talk about different cuisines of the world, Italy will undoubtedly top the list. Italy is a country where foods beautifully tie them nationally and regionally. Burrata Cheese, a creamy delicacy originating from the Puglia region of southern Italy, exemplifies this culinary richness. From pasta to pizza, what are they not best at? Every region of Italy has their signature types of delicious foods to offer. That’s the beauty of Italy, and this is what distinguishes them from others.

Talking about Italian food and we will avoid cheese, it can’t happen. Cheese is already a thing that everyone loves. There is no substitute for the cheese to bring a flavourful twist to your food. Even the most boring meal can be delicious with the touch of cheese. In Italy, you will get a variety of cheese from different regions. Mozzarella, Gorgonzola, Pecorino, Ricotta, Bel paese, asiago etc., are the most popular cheeses you will get in Italian cuisine. Among all, burrata cheese is getting very popular for its delightful fresh and smooth taste.

What Exactly is Burrata?

Burrata is an Italian stretch curd cheese that consists of mozzarella and fresh, rich cream. Buratta means buttery, which is a symbol of its delicious melt and soft texture. Its smooth white outer shell will give you the best experience of a soft and creamy interior. Burrata cheese is mainly produced in the southern region of Italy. It’s been almost a hundred years now since the artisans started to make it in the area of Murgia, in the southern region of Apulia.

How to Make Burrata?

The local artisan combines their experience and skills to make the best version of burrata each new day. You can try to make this traditional sensation at home too by following some easy steps. Firstly, collect full-cream cow milk and leave it to curdle. When the curd is ready, weave it to get the perfect texture. Finally, blend it to get the smoothness and give it the shape of a creamy round ball. Here your Italian burrata cheese is perfectly ready.

Mozzarella vs Burrata

It’s okay to mistake burrata for mozzarella, but there are some significant differences between them. Let’s have a look at some of the ways the two cheeses are two unique types.


Mozzarella consists of cow milk

It has denser and tangier texture

People all over Italy produce it

Mozzarella is comparatively rigid and can be cut into slices

Contains low calories

Burrata Cheese


Burrata is stretched curd cheese wrapped with the outer shell of mozzarella

It comes with a very smooth and soft texture

It is primarily a regional food of Italy and produced locally in Murgia

Burrata contains comparatively high calories due to its creamy nature

Some substitute for Burrata

A lot of cheese struggles to match the texture of burrata. Therefore, it isn’t easy to find a replacement for burrata. So, we advise you to taste the real thing instead. If you have high cholesterol, then maybe you can make do with something similar.

For replacement, mozzarella can be the best fit. It resembles burrata best because of its flavour and ingredients. It also works well with pasta, pizza and tomatoes. Low-key bocconcini can also be suitable as the replacement for burrata. It is also called mini mozzarella and made of cow milk with water. It, however, goes best with dried meats.

If burrata is out of your stock and you want a creamy taste in your food. Then cream cheese can be best. It contains a rich amount of cream, which can be riskier for health, though.

What to Serve with Burrata?

This delicate creamy cheese is best to serve with pasta, meat and fresh raw vegetables.

It can also go best with hot bread toast paired with red wine.

Pairing it with a salad of fresh tomato, prosciutto Crudo, and extra virgin olive oil is perhaps the best way to enjoy it.

Burrata cheese is always best to eat fresh. If you want to preserve it, then keep it in the fridge and bring it back to room temperature before eating. One small reminder, storing it for a long time decreases the taste and freshness.

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