Allergic to the gym?

Read House of Coco’s guide to the coolest, fun ways to keep fit with weird and wonderful classes around the UK. 

We don’t know about you but we at House of Coco have a love/hate relationship with summer. OK, so reasons for loving summer is pretty obvious – the warmth, a natural tan,  day trips to the beach, Twister ice lollies and just generally just everyone in Britain being so much friendlier because moaning about the bad weather is our favourite thing right? So reasons for hating summer – you’re inclined wear fewer clothes. By wearing fewer clothes you’re inclined to expose more flesh. By exposing more flesh you’re revealing all the wobbly bits you’ve safely hidden away in layers of wool and denier. (Damn you sunshine!)

Getting fit isn’t just for aesthetics purposes however; it’s as much as a fight against the flab as it is against serious health issues as well as reducing the stress producing cortisol. But what if you’re like me and find the gym boring, intimidating, daunting or feel as though it’s just a playground for already taunt and ripped people to prance about effortlessly in the most skimpiest of Lycra, then fear not as there’s a whole host of cool, quirky, fun fitness classes across the UK that will get you motivated, inspired and most importantly fit in no time:


Pole Fitness

Pole fitness has grown in popularity of late and it’s easy to see why – it commands core strength as this sport encourages you to use your own body weight to strengthen tone and sculpt the individual muscles. One of the best is Pole Fit which is run by ex-ballet dancing pro Anna Milosevic.

Her classes for all ages no matter what age or size you are and you’ll be soon amazed by quickly you’re able to climb the pole and achieve an upside down move!

For Anna’s Pole Fit classes and fees visit



Ever wanted to run away and join the circus? Well you can sort of live out your childhood dream with the Circus Project based in Hove, Brighton. Founded by aerialists Emma and Dave Taylor, The Circus Project offers aerial training classes and workshops to both children and adults.
Drop-in classes for adults are offered to both beginners and improvers, and an open practice runs during school term time. Tailor made workshops are also available if you want to try other circus-based activities. Visit for prices and more information




Yes you heard correct! Voguing is in, err…vogue! Voga is a new form of exercise which is popular in Paris and New York and now in the UK.  Voga is a form of yoga but not as you know it! We’re all aware of Madonna’s pop hit “Vogue”, so imagine a class that combines the ancient holistic discipline based on breathing, mediation and mindfulness with the 80’s fervour of showstopping and energetic dance poses and what you get is Voga – striking strong, confident and aligned poses to increase flexibility and energy flow and boost confidence and serotonin levels with the breath synchronised movement of yoga. Classes are available in London, Manchester and Edinburgh. Visit for prices and bookings



It’s lights out with this workout! Clubbing always seems like a good idea and Clubbercise is a  blend of simple aerobic and street dance moves offering high and low impact options aimed at all abilities. Listening to the best 90’s classics, disco lights on and glow sticks instead of dumbbells, this very unique and fun exercise class will make you work up a sweat and dance off those bingo wings

Classes are available across the UK.  Visit for more info and prices.


Sup Yoga

Before you say “oh no not another yoga class” read on as this is very weird and different. Right,
so you’re doing yoga moves..but on a paddle board…in water. I kid you not. Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga, or SUP Yoga for short, is a yoga class that takes place on a Stand Up Paddle Board (think giant surf board) on the water. It will
challenge your balance, increase your flexibility and strengthen and tone all your muscles. If you’ve never so much as done a handstand, let alone on a paddle board floating in water, fear not because the boards are securely anchored and easy to get on to from the shore.  There are options for every level and you will ha
ve loads of fun and challenge yourself to your own ability whether you are an advanced yogi or a total beginner. We tried Shine Yoya UK based in Cornwall. Visit for more info.



Fencing has a number of benefits for the health of both mind and body.  As an athletic discipline it can improve speed, agility, flexibility, reflexes, balance and co-ordination.  As an exercise regime it gives you an intense cardiovascular and FULL body workout with excellent results in toning of the thighs, stomach and backside! It burns a hell of a lot of calories and is very fun albeit challenging.  We tried the Oxford Fencing Club. Visit for more info and prices. On guard!


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