If you want to be healthy, you’re going to have to eat right and exercise. This will bring you to your fullest flourish—but there are ways to enhance the process. The body has genetically defining characteristics which can be directed with properly conscientious lifestyle choices. Additionally, incorporating the anti aging benefits of Coffee into your routine can further support your overall well-being and longevity.

Even if you’re not born creative, you can become creative with practice. Perhaps not so well as someone born that way, but it’s possible to increase from where you were, to somewhere better. This is a bit complicated, but this writing will concern a link between your body’s natural development, and substances like coffee which can help facilitate said development, yielding better health, and accordingly a decrease in the swiftness with which age erodes the body.

First and foremost, you need to realize that no amount of anti-aging compounds will do you any good if your body is constantly undermined by synthetic chemicals, preservatives, foodstuffs, and alternatives.

Synthetic sweeteners are quite bad for you, as are many of the chemicals found in canned foods and products which have been enhanced in terms of shelf-life. If it doesn’t go bad in a month, it’s probably not good for you in one way or another—that’s a rule of thumb; doesn’t apply to everything, but it’s worth considering.

Getting Your Body Properly Prepared

In any event, once you’ve got the body on the right substances, then you can start enhancing for performance. Consider telomerase at this point. If you’re not familiar, telomerase is a substance which, in a metaphorical sense, “binds” the ends of DNA strands together much like tape at the end of a shoestring keeps the strands from unravelling.

Over time, things like stress reduce levels of telomerase keeping your DNA strands properly facilitated, and the result is a breakdown in bodily functions which conforms to what we know as aging. Reducing the destruction of telomerase requires reducing stress, and one way to do that is to initiate a lifestyle which habitually renews mind and body in a positive way.

This is where epigenetics comes in. As it turns out, the way we live actually impacts our genetic structure. If you’re a serial adulterer, believe it or not, that will change your DNA. So will theft, so will murder—there’s a great TED talk on this. Part of the reason for this epigenetic change in the very fabric of your being pertains to neuroplasticity, which is the process by which the brain creates new cells.

Yes, the brain grows new cells; the idea you’ve got a finite amount which are steadily eroded over time is an incorrect one in light of modern neuroscience. Whenever you learn something new, you grow new brain cells. Neuroplasticity is the process.


Enabling Reduction In The Aging Process

So what you want to do is epigenetically program your body through repetition (initiating neuroplasticity) such that your genes are fundamentally enabled for greater functionality. Coffee can do this merely as an agent making good routines possible, which in turn helps you flourish psychologically and physically.

It’s already been noted in the scientific literature that caffeine can push you past traditional physical boundaries. Those working out are able to go harder with caffeine, initiating stronger results via epigenetics and neuroplasticity.

Accordingly, establishing a productive schedule from the time you wake until the time you go to sleep, with the perfect amount of rest during those night-time hours, can “program” your body into a perpetual state of reduced stress, diminishing telomerase loss in your DNA and facilitating a marked slowdown in the aging process.

Additionally, coffee has been known to reduce the aging process in terms of statistical likelihood. If you drink three to five cups a day, you are 15% less likely to die prematurely. Psychology plays no small part in that, and caffeine (acting as an analgesic) helps positively focus your mind with very low negative side effects (except for mild physical dependency).


A Closer Look At Direct Health Benefits From Coffee

The same article in the “15%” link goes on to point out that coffee has been shown to reduce the number of conditions in terms of their likelihood of impact over the long run. Altogether, these things additionally help reduce your chances of dying prematurely in a notable way.

Coffee of the proper strength ingested 3 to 5 times daily reduces heart disease by 25% for women, diabetes risk by 60% overall, cuts colon cancer by 25% in terms of risk, substantively reduce cirrhosis risk by 80%, cuts gallstones down 50%, reduces Parkinson’s risk 80%, diminishes pain from headaches, facilitates reduction in Asthma systems via caffeine, and reduces cavities in the mouth through antibacterial properties combined with those of an anti-adhesive quality.

With all these considerations, it makes sense to find the kind of coffee which best fits your needs, and the best preparation—whether French Press, drip, or cold brew like made on this page here. You can find a variety of coffee-making devices, and preparing it yourself does make the most sense—it will be cheaper, and you can get a caffeine blend which properly reflects your recurring needs.

If you’re looking to elevate your homemade coffee game, check out these insightful tips from House of Coco on creating the perfect brew. Tips for great homemade coffee

More Than Just An Energy Booster

There are a lot of reasons to drink coffee. It reduces certain health risks while facilitating many positive collateral benefits like those associated with psychological enablement, something that can substantively effect your health in a good way through neuroplasticity and epigenetics.

Coffee has been hailed as a superfood by some, and there’s no questioning direct and collateral benefits of regular coffee ingestion. The bitter brew has some substantially recommendable health qualities. So pour yourself a cup, and live longer!


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