American Football – A Sport With Many Dangers

The term “football” often makes people think of the sport originating in England. But in the US, football refers to what we commonly call “Rugby” or “American football”. It’s a dangerous sport where players get injured and paralyzed for a few weeks is commonplace.

There are many dangerous sports in the world, but saying American football is one of the most dangerous sports is not exaggerating at all. Any professional player must accept the risk of a career by the injury caused by this subject.

Only an injury can affect health for the rest of your life, sometimes a severe wound in the brain that will develop in 15-20 years later and cause the player to become paralyzed or possibly die. That’s American football!

How Does American Football Play?

American football is the most popular team sport. American football is closely related to Canadian Rugby, but there are some differences between the game rules and many other characteristics. This is also one of the content subjects that have attracted the attention of many people in the field of sports betting. Currently, there are many sportsbooks and online casinos that provide predictions about American football match scores and odds like Super Bowl Odds NJ.

American football comes from high schools and universities in the US. The first match of this sport was supposed to take place on November 6, 1869, between the two college teams, Rutgers and Princeton, playing under the rules of the early American Football League, which players could only throw the ball.

By the 1870s, universities began to apply the rules of the game American football, which allows players to bring the ball running. By 1880, Walter Camp, who is considered the father of American football, wrote the standard rules of modern American football in the United States today. It made this subject utterly different from similar subjects in the world like Rugby in England.

Such A Hazardous Sport

Because of the competitive nature to suffocate to compete for every inch of land on the field, this discipline is very dangerous. The players were equipped with full-face helmets and armor and protective gear that made them look like fighters.

It is so dangerous that even US President Barack Obama has expressed concern about the extent of its violence just before the 2015 Super Bowl. He once said that if he had a son, he would have to think hard and clearly before allowing himself to join this country’s most popular sport. He also said that this sport should be less violent.

Boston University in the United States once conducted a study showing the extreme danger of hitting, bumping, tumbling in American football. The report shows that professional players often suffer head injuries, and they can cause serious long-term damage to the brain, also known as chronic brain injury. The report also said that, in the number of 35 retired professional football players, there are 34 players have signs of brain damage.

So far, about 4,000 players have filed a lawsuit against the NFL due to receiving too many injuries from American football matches.

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