Maintaining an active lifestyle is crucial for staying strong and healthy for many years to come. Kayaking is one of the most enjoyable ways to exercise and get closer to nature. Discover ten must-see places in the United States to explore if you love kayaking.

North Fort Myers

Explore Southwest Florida in a kayak in a place with crystal-clear water for swimming and other water sports. Enjoy breathtaking views throughout the year at Brightwater by Metro Places, the newest lagoon community in the area. With access to downtown Fort Myers, this coastal community provides an idyllic setting for kayaking enthusiasts. Sunny Florida is inviting during all four seasons, making it a perfect kayaking choice year-round.

Chesapeake Bay

Take time to experience kayaking on the Chesapeake Bay for a truly down-to-earth excursion. There’s always something new on the biggest estuary in the country. This 200-mile river flows through six states. Discover a wide variety of animal and plant species living along this colorful river, such as the unusual diamondback terrapin. Some kayaking enthusiasts spend two days or longer paddling around to see the wonders of this area. Quiet paddlers can see and net fish along the way, then catch a captivating sunset.

Mulberry River

Escape to the Ozarks to kayak on the Mulberry River and get away from it all. Paddlers who dream of a mountain stream where they can drift along and soak up the beauty of nature will find it on Mulberry River. The wild allure of this stream brings people to the Ozark National Forest to experience it firsthand. Kayakers can launch at the recreation area and stay at the developed campgrounds with access to hiking for more outdoor adventures.

Gauley River

Whitewater rafting is a daring way for kayakers to get into the water and have fun. Gauley River is renowned as one of the greatest whitewater destinations on the map. When water is released from the Summersville Dam in the fall, the perfect conditions exist for adventurers. Soak up the calm scenery along the whitewater rapids in places that are inaccessible on foot.

Tyger River

Animal and plant lovers will appreciate kayaking along the Tyger River, where there are waterfowl and eagles to admire. Plants unlike those in the city are found along the river as paddlers enjoy the surroundings. Kayaking enthusiasts must bring their own kayaks, as those services are not provided at this venue. The whitewater rapids are mild enough for beginners to enjoy the day and still have an exciting adventure to remember forever. Plus, experienced kayakers appreciate the diversity of this waterfront excursion.

Tampa Bay

Florida is a hot spot for kayakers, with many heading here for multiple experiences on the gorgeous waters. Tampa Bay takes adventure-seekers out of the city into a place where alligators paddle along with snakes and fish gliding by as you paddle. Check out mangrove trees and an array of birds. A downtown trip could mean seeing manatees and dolphins against the unforgettable cityscape. The fusion of nature and city make this an irresistible experience for kayakers touring the United States for fun.

Prince William Sound

Known as the kayaker’s paradise, Prince William Sound is a must-see place named after Prince William Henry, King George II’s third son. The location is surrounded by steep mountains covered by snow. The incredible wildlife around the Chugach Mountains is sure to make kayakers remember it and tell stories for the rest of their lives. Animals in the area include seals, humpback whales, bears, and sea lions. Kayakers can also explore Hells Canyon, where cougars and deer gather near beaches, forests, mountains, and waterfalls. Plus, there are hiking facilities for added adventures, making it a desirable destination for savvy travelers.

Salmon River

First-time kayakers and seasoned professionals both enjoy the Salmon River. Beginners can tackle it, but experienced kayakers know its value and beauty. Paddling through the river reveals wildlife such as bears, otters, deer, and sheep along what is called the “river of no return.” With 14,000 square miles to explore, there is never a dull moment during an excursion along the Salmon River. Hikers also appreciate this paradise near the mountains, where more challenging adventures are awaiting their arrival. Kayakers who love hiking will find plenty of pleasurable experiences along the Salmon River.

Lake Chelan

Located at the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, Lake Chelan is perfect for paddlers who also enjoy camping along the shore. With fifty miles to check out along the way, kayakers have endless options for adventure. There are campsites on the shore, as well as the Lake Chelan-Sawtooth Wilderness area for exploration. Located in Washington, the majestic scenery entices campers and kayakers to visit this picturesque lake and spend hours soaking up the surroundings. Remember to bring a camera to capture some of the natural wonders.

San Juan River

Families flock to the San Juan River to splash around together and try kayaking in a place that is less risky than most others for beginners who are just getting into the water. With minimal manpower, kayakers of all ages can navigate this river to enjoy an outdoor experience complete with majestic sunsets. Voyagers will view eye-catching scenery, such as primitive dwellings and incredible rock art. With food readily available, parents won’t have to pack a heavy load to enjoy a day on the river. Plus, swimmers will appreciate the fantastic water that is perfect for everyone from dog paddlers to expert swim enthusiasts.

Discover the health advantages of kayaking as you get older as well as all the enjoyment it provides. Find adventures around the United States to stay fit and healthy while having fun. With national parks and unique spots around the country, working out never has to get boring. Mixing up your workouts is a way to stay fit and enjoy the time doing it. For a change, look forward to exercising at a variety of amazing places. Plus, many of the venues offer opportunities for camping, hiking, and other healthy outdoor activities. Schedule your next getaway at one of these enticing places for kayaking enthusiasts!


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