Have you ever wanted to get up one day and go to the neighbouring country and just live next to a spot of nature? Well, you’re going to have trouble doing that if you don’t have a mobile home. Buying a mobile home is becoming increasingly popular amongst Americans as it offers them a sense of freedom. They are also a much cheaper alternative to buying a solid foundation home. And in times where more and more people are struggling to get onto the property ladder, buying a mobile home is probably the easiest way to achieve homeownership.

The design of mobile homes also means that you’re getting much more value per square foot as opposed to a stick-built home. Another huge advantage to owning a mobile home is that if like in 2008, there is a financial crisis that affects the housing market, your mobile home will remain unaffected. You can also own a mobile home even if you don’t have the full amount to pay upfront, many banks that participate in the HUD program will loan US citizens to purchase a mobile home. They’re also a lot safer than stick-built homes believe it or not. For example, if a hurricane or tornado is heading towards your location, you can quite simply just move out of its path, whereas if you reside in a stick-built home, there’s no room to move.

Mobile Homes for Holidays and Living

Touching upon a point from before, mobile homes are the perfect choice for people wanting to get onto the property ladder. These are because there is less of a financial risk of owning a stick-built home. In addition to this, it requires a lot less maintenance and of course has lower monthly costs and is cheaper to buy upfront.Also, if you’re looking at acquiring home purely for investment purposes, the good news just keeps on coming.

The demand for mobile homes is higher than it ever has been before, both due to the freedom they offer and how they’re more affordable than buying a stick-built home for the average American. House prices in the US are higher than they’ve ever been before meaning millions of Americans are getting priced out of the market. If you’re planning on renting your mobile home out as well, you’ll find the tenant turnover to be a lot less as they’ll typically own the land that they’re living on and it’s going to cost them thousands of dollars to move.

Price Remains a Factor

Finally, it’s also cheaper to furnish inside your mobile home. You can buy kitchen cabinets cheap from wholesalers across the country without compromising on quality, in addition to this every single inch of your mobile home can be customised, which might not be the case should you be renting a stick-built home from a private landlord. Hopefully, all these reasons we’ve run through today have convinced you that buying your very own mobile home is, of course, an important decision to make but can provide huge benefits.


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