Canada is a beautiful country where you can immerse yourself in its culture and exciting destinations. But if you genuinely want to experience what Canada offers, the only way is to share the place as a local. There are various exciting activities that you can do, like only Canadians can show you how. Here are ways that you can travel to Canada as the locals would

Learn A Few Canadian Slang

There is a saying that when in Rome, do what the Romans do. And that’s the same when you’re in Canada if you’d like to blend in with the locals. To get to know people is to learn their local jargon or slang. While English is the primary language in Canada, you’ll notice a few differences, such as a new dialect.

The French language is also spoken in Canada, and it will serve you to learn a few phrases if you come across French-speaking citizens. It is considered respectful to do your best and speak the native language when you visit various provinces. Montreal, for example, has locals speaking French. Learning how to converse with the locals will help you get around after getting off the Toronto Montreal train.

Head For A Mount Royal Stroll

If you were to stay in Montreal, you could enjoy the place as the locals do and take a walk to Mount Royal. Montreal loves the outdoors and nature. And it’s convenient for them to enjoy outside since it is nearby. While it is a small mountain, Mount Royal has a park-like atmosphere that allows visitors to relax.

The foot of Mount Royal plays host to the ‘tam-tams,’ a collective of drummers and dancers who entertain visitors every Sunday when the weather permits it. It is a harmonic gathering for both the young and old. Locals and guests can watch fun medieval battle scenes play out from the hill using foam weaponry. It is a chance for joiners to be creative with their handmade costumes.

You can also head over to the winding path leading to the top of the mountain, where you can have a picnic and watch happy banters from families and friends while enjoying the Beaver Lake scenery.

Look For Local Cafes

Canada is rich in beautiful scenery, and you can spend your time enjoying them. Come resting and eating time, there are also many charming places to go local regarding dining and drinking. Experiencing the country like a local means looking for local cafes and eateries where you can eat. These are the establishments only known by regular citizens and not famous restaurant chains that most people want.

Local cafes would likely have authentic cuisine featuring specialties you won’t find anywhere else. Pull up a chair and enjoy the fine day if you can find an outdoor seat and table.

Try Hiking At The Right Season

If you’re in Alberta, you’d want to immerse yourself in Canada’s natural wonders, like the Jasper National Park. In the nearby town, you can also check out the local hikes. But the place can be packed, especially during the peak season. It would be like a crowded city.

If you’d want to explore the Canadian Rockies with as few other hikers as possible, you’d want to be there during the fall season. The best times are a few weeks before the opening of the ski hills. The spring is also ideal after the closing of the ski hills. Around this time, there will be no hikers close to town, although you might find a few people in the park.

You can check out the Valley of The Five Lakes, where you can hike to see the beautiful blue waters. It is surrounded by woods where you can enjoy trekking for a few hours.

Don’t Forget Your Manners

If you’d like to enjoy Canada as a local, you’d want to display your manners as Canadians do. Remember to cover your mouth when you yawn, keep your elbows off the table, and always say ‘Thank you.’ Buying and eating out also means tipping the service people at an average of 15%.

How you are in public also matters to avoid being offensive. When you’re in Canada, avoid discussing politics, as it is considered a private matter in the country. Also, take note that pointing to anyone is considered rude. When you’re meeting people, always be on time and respectful.

A handshake at the first meeting is also important. If you’re anywhere other than the west, you will need to be more open-minded because it is considered impolite if you don’t shake an extended hand to you.

In Conclusion

Canada is a beautiful and cultured place that you wouldn’t easily forget. While travelling, you can get into the local spirit by eating at local establishments, staying at local accommodations, and learning the people’s language. You’d also want to try the local spot where people enjoy spending time. A place can be even more unforgettable when you learn how to get along with its people.


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