Universal Entertainment has managed to stay steady for 45 years. With its founder & Chairman of the Board, Kazuo Okasa, Universal Entertainment is still at its forefront, and we can see that the organization still has a strong ideology. One of its notable ventures is the Manila Bay Casino Resorts. The first integrated casino resort project of Mr. Okada is Manila Bay Resorts. The aim is towards global leading innovation in gaming and entertainment resorts.

Manila Bay Resorts

Manila Bay Resorts opened in late 2016 in the Philippines, Manila. Universal Entertainment is welcoming its guests with Japanese quality and hospitality and an “All in the name of fun” slogan. Chairman Kazuo Okada has built a real-life wonderland, equipped with a variety of facilities designed to meet the ultimate entertainment offering.

The offering consists of a world-class casino, luxurious hotels, a majestic large-scale water fountain show, an indoor beach club, prestige nightclubs, high-end restaurants and shopping malls. Manila Bay Resorts is something the Philippines has never seen before.

The Mega Resort can incorporate exhibition and conference facilities to attract Shows, Summits and major corporations’ AGMs. When asked about the staging facilities, Matt Hurst, Executive Vice President of Tiger Casino Resort said that Filipinos love entertainment.

Manila Bay Resorts wants to be recognised as a world-class entertainment venue because the Mega Resort can diversify the Philippines’ tourism offerings beyond casino gaming. The property is a key destination to bolster not only local entertainment but also international headliners that will complement the property.

Wolderland’s Entertainment Portfolio

In Asia, food is critical. That’s why Manila Bay Resorts has partnered with a world-class cuisine and enterprise company, the Hong Kong-based K.O Dining Group. In the first year of its operation, the partnership received a Michelin star. Through this, Mr. Okada has proved that he knows how to deliver a world-class culinary experience. The team behind Manila Bay is working hard with the team from K.O. Dining to parley their achievements into even greater accomplishments here in Manila.

Golf is a popular sport with millions playing the game and Manila Bay Resorts has a Golf course for Golf fans. The Philippines is home to some of the most beautiful golf courses in the world. The Philippines has natural scenic landscapes which are complemented by world-class courses. With some of them being designed by top designers.

These golf courses are easily accessible and all the options to encourage the visitors to come to the Philippines are fully explored. The visitors are able, not only to enjoy a golf game, but they can also stay at a beautiful resort. The guests can enjoy a great way of combining a sport with seeing the sights that the country has to offer.

The entertainment portfolio doesn’t stop here. The mega resort is equipped with 150 speciality shops strategically placed around the water fountain which is enclosed in a glass dome.

In addition, the casino part of the resort has a mix of slot and table gaming. The current market segment is interested in competitive slot and table gaming, and the parent company, Universal Entertainment has some leading-edge technologies that will give it an advantage. The casino is 30.000 square meters and it has 500 gaming tables and 3000 Electric Game Machines.

Besides the casino, Manila Bay Resorts plans to add an online casino of its own. If the results fit with their PAGCOR regulations, the guests will be invited to enjoy a number of online slots. The trends of games linked to mobile platforms are emerging in the Asian casino industry.

Last Words

Today, in order for a business to go, the guest experience needs to be achieved, by having staff trained to deliver that experience. Therefore, Manila Bay Resorts casino resorts is offering training programs for those who want to be part of the mega-resort. To accomplish the guest experience, the training programs are the core focus of Manila Bay Resorts.

We believe that the mega-resort is the most amazing property in Asia, not just because of its sheer size but also because of its entertainment offerings. Universal Entertainment believes that Manila Bay Resorts is a new paradigm in the history of casino resorts.


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