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Anacreontic poetry or the light kind of poetry the 21st century so desperately needs

Anacreontic poetry as a genre was coined by the Greek poet Anacreon.

Anacreontic poetry as a genre was coined by the Greek poet Anacreon. Even though he wrote both light and serious poetry, Anacreon became very famous for creating a light poetry genre dealing with such themes as love, wine and merry moments in life.

The poetic style of Anacreon had influenced the majority of poets not only in Ancient Greece, but also in Europe later on. Writing poems about drinking was rather common in Ancient Greece. Yet, Anacreon took it to another level and wrote poems about the pleasures of alcoholic intoxication as a way of forgetting about the limitations ordinary routine life in order to reach full satisfaction. In addition, Anacreon enjoyed using irony in his poems as well. Even though the language and meter were rather simple, Anacreon managed to use these instruments in a very creative way. Thus, reading his poetry is still very enjoyable nowadays.

Even though Anacreon had many followers and imitators, it is rather hard to find a poet who writes such kind of poetry these days. Yet, it would be very advantageous to have this style revived. Reading in general as well as reading poetry in particular is a great way to forget about stress and all those problems we face on a daily basis. Having funny, ironic and creative Anacreontic poems in your personal library would definitely cheer you up after a long hard day at work. Therefore, one can safely say that our society desperately needs Anacreontic poetry to be able deal with every difficult situation that comes our way.

What is vital to mention about the portrayal of love in Anacreon’s poems is that it is never dramatic. He saw love as something light and bizarre. As soon as you start learning more about Anacreontic poetry, you will see that it is that kind of reading a person living in today’s world needs. We are too focused on everything that is going on around us. We have almost forgotten what it feels like not to be in a rush. Reading about such simple pleasures of life helps us feel better and get connected with our inner self. Anacreon always supported the idea of having a carefree approach to life no matter what.

Anacreontic poetry is not as popular as it should be nowadays. Yet, it exists. In contemporary poetry, this style is expressed in the form of writing short lyrical pieces commonly referred to as anacreontics. The subject-matter remains the same. However, the Anacreontic meter is not used. Anacreon had a huge influence on a number of poets in England, France, Germany and many other countries.

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Anacreontic poetry is one of the greatest literary achievements from Ancient Greece. This poetic style is very different which makes it so unique. What is more, Anacreontic poetry is still read all over the world which proves the theory that it is popular for a reason. If you feel sad, depressed or are not quite able to deal with the overwhelming emotions, reading Anacreontic poetry might cheer up. It is a great way to remind yourself that life is about enjoying the little things and spending it on activities you enjoy doing rather than trying to achieve all possible and impossible goals you have set. Take more breaks to relax and read poetry.