Anna Wintour’s Surprising Milan Fashion Week Highlight

The predicted “shoe” trend for next season is not what we expected (can we even call it a shoe?). Anna Wintour, artistic director for Conde Nast, Vogue’s publisher, has announced that the shoe everyone, including herself, wanted at Milan Fashion Week was infact a slipper.

In a video for Vogue, Wintour talked all things Milan Fashion Week. She talked about the Dolce & Gabbana show in particular and said it was “charming and full of ideas that pushed the envelope.” But that wasn’t all.

“My very very favourite piece was they took the traditional hotel slipper and Dolce & Gabbana’d it. That was the one item I noticed that every single model there wanted and I certainly wanted. I love their appropriation of very normal pieces of clothing and giving it the Dolce twist.”


After seeing the shoe in question, House of Coco agree that not only do they look comfy, they’re also classy and stay casual yet a more formal version of the classic Adidas slider, or Rihanna’s recent Puma fur sliders. Unfortunately they’re not available for purchase just yet.

Watch the video by clicking here or see the complete show below. 




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