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April Food & Drink Round-Up

April Food & Drink Round-Up

Food and Drink News for April

April 6th, 2023

The second the sun shines here in the UK we know Spring has arrived and Summer is on the horizon.

Equally, this is the time when lots of new products are launched throughout the world of food and drink. So, we bring to you the latest in snacks, cookies, bacon, stock, wine, spirits, and cider, and a new Greek cookbook.

What’s not to love about April?


KIND Snacks, Caramelised Biscuit Nut

The launch of Caramelised Biscuit Nut to the range of KIND Snacks features a tasty combo of peanuts, almonds, and cashews with a hint of caramel and notes of spiced biscuit. Available to buy from various supermarkets across the UK plus Holland & Barrett. Visit KIND Snacks for more info.

Prodigy Snacks, 7 Flavours

Prodigy reinvented much-loved classic chocolate bars to be better all-round, creating indulgent sweet treats with no compromise. The vegan chocolate bar range includes, Salted Caramel, Cahoots Creamy Coconut, Dark & Sea Salt, Orange & Baobab, Roasted Hazelnut, Creamy Smooth, and Cahoots Peanut & Caramel. Available from Prodigy, priced at £9.95 (6 x bars) or £24 (15 x bars).

Crosstown, Cookies

Every month Crosstown introduces two new cookie flavours, which replace the last months flavours. This month they include Banana Salted Caramel, and Pistachio. The Banana Salted Caramel cookies are centred with sweet banana and choc chip dough, topped with sea salt caramel and coconut flakes. The Pistachio cookies are made with pistachio butter cookie dough, layered with chunks of pistachio and milk choc chips, topped with pistachio frosting and whole pistachios. Priced at £2.95 each or £16.95 (box x 6 cookies) from Crosstown.

Boundless, New Flavour Activated Chips

Champions of gut happy snacking, Boundless has released two new flavours including Smoky Bacon, and Sour Cream & Onion. Not only delicious and designed to keep the gut happy, but they are also vegan, gluten-free and packed with fibre and nutrients. Priced at £18 (24 x 23g bags) from Boundless.


Take Stock, Bone Broth

Take Stock is a gourmet bone broth that packs a real nutritional punch. Fresh, quality ingredients, responsibly sourced, and simply cooked, Take Stock is taking a stand against factory processed foods with their versatile and conveniently & sustainably packaged broths. Available in Chicken Bone, Beef Bone, Fish Bone and Vegan Broths. Starting at £6.83 per carton (on subscription x 3 £20.97 for Vegan and Fish) or £6.99 per carton (on subscription x 3 £20.97 for Beef and Chicken). From Take Stock.

HECK, Back Bacon

New launch from 6th April into Tesco stores across the UK. HECK unsmoked and smoked back bacon rashers are made without added nitrites and use a natural smoke flavour (in the smoked variant). Priced at £3 per 210g pack (6 x rashers) from Tesco.


SinZero, Alcohol Free Wine

Newly launched in the UK, Chile’s first non-alcoholic wines are available in three delicious bottles including, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Sparkling Brut.All the bottles are under 0.5% alcohol, and each variety has its own unique bouquet. Firstly, the Chilean Cab Sauv has aromas of blackberry and vanilla. Secondly, the Chilean Chardonnay offers peach, banana, and green apple on the nose. Thirdly, the Chilean Sparkling Brut gives a pineapple, banana, lemon and lime crispness on the palate. All available from DryDrinker.com, prices range from £11.25 to £13.76, purchase a case of all 3 for £33.95.

BACARDÍ Rum, Caribbean Spiced

BACARDÍ Rum is has officially launched its brand-new Caribbean Spiced. The brand’s first premium aged rum that blends spices with coconut, pineapple, and coconut blossom, embodying the tantalising flavours of the Caribbean. Perfect for making tropical cocktails! Available to buy from Amazon and Tesco, priced at £24 per bottle.

Dynamite Factory, Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz

Brand new to the UK market, Dynamite Factory is produced by Accolated Wines in South Africa. They have made a stunning Shiraz and equally fabulous Sauvignon Blanc. The Shiraz has hints of red and black cherry, plum, pepper, spice and dark chocolate. The Sauv Blanc has aromas of passionfruit, lemon, flint, green fig, and a zesty twist. Priced at £9 per bottle from Morrisons.

Showerings Cider, Triple Vintage Cider

Showerings is a new luxury Triple Vintage cider that is on a mission to change the status quo of cider drinking with the refined and elegant Triple Vintage blend. Produced in the heart of Somerset, the homeland of British cider making, Showerings is an elegantly dry, gently carbonated and deeply cultured cider that has been created using techniques requiring as much experience and attention-to-detail as those used in the creation of fine wines. Available from Showerings, priced at £45 (case of 12 x 375ml bottles).

Glenfiddich, Grand YOZAKURA 29 Year

Glenfiddich has launch Grand Yozakura. Leaders in innovation, this Glenfiddich 29 Year is the first single malt Scotch whisky to be finished in exceptionally rare ex-Awamori casks; a limited-edition release joining the renowned Grand Series range. Fusing the finest flavours from Scotland and Japan, the release takes inspiration from the Japanese festival of Hanami, the “cherry blossom festival” where Japan appreciates the temporal beauty of nature through the Sakura (cherry blossoms). A time for renewal and optimism, the festival is best experienced illuminated after dark where it is known as the Yozakura or ‘night Sakura’. Priced at £1,500 per bottle from Glenfiddich. Please note buyers must enter a ballot to purchase this rare, limited edition Glenfiddich.


The Athenian: Eat Like A Greek Cookbook

Tim Vasilakis is the founder and CEO of The Athenian and the author of Eat Like A Greek. Born in Athens and grew up immersed in Greek cuisine. After studying in Edinburgh, Tim began his culinary career when he moved to London and fell in love with street food. The book features a mouth-watering selection of indulgent and summery Greek recipes which are deeply flavourful and perfect for alfresco dining during the warmer months. Priced at £14.99, available from Deliveroo, just like The Athenian food. Visit The Athenian to find out more.

Rachel McAlley

Rachel McAlley

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