Are Bleached Brows back?


The AW14 Fashion Week’s have just finished and they gave us many beauty looks, the usual go-to fresh and dewy face was prominent for most designers, with the odd candyfloss peroxide wig (Thom Browne) and glitter lip (Rodarte) thrown in but most notably was the inevitable focus on eyebrows, but this time, lack of them… AGAIN!

After the recent rise and reign of model/ It-girl Cara Delevigne, the past few seasons have seen imitable beautiful bushy brows dominating the catwalks in all four capitals, but it seems this could be the end of the mega-brow as the recent show’s revived bleached, barely-there brows circa 2011 (Alexander Wang and MM6 most noticeably). We know that previous fashion’s come back around but is this too soon? Are we ready to let go of the beautiful bush brow that’s had us all reaching for dark pencils and HD definition for the unusual alienated bleached brow yet again?

I blame this woman … the name on everyone’s lips (or waggling tongue!)


Maybe its coincidence but Miley hit the shelves on W Magazine’s March front cover with a completely new image including peroxide brows and now only weeks later, they’re on full display over catwalks again. So yes … it appears bleached brows are back in fashion, with Miss Cyrus taking the Brow-trend crown for now. (Sorry Cara D – you’re soo last season!)

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