Are you ready for summer? The 360 degrees of summer body beauty solutions


Bulk at the thought of summer because it means unveiling neglected pale skin, rough heels, a chipped pedicure, pesky spider veins and wobbly arms? Don’t worry because there’s still time to buff, polish and refine those neglected parts that will be on show for the summer months with these must have products….


arm liftNot many of us are blessed with Michelle Obama’s sculpted arms and although sleeves can hide a multitude of sins, sweaty patches under the armpits just isn’t a sexy summer look.   Now you can banish bingo wings without much effort with Transformula’s Arm Lift 75ml £36.95, a revolutionary product that sculpts, firms and moisturises your upper arms. As you get older, skin loses its definition and firmness due to gravity and age. As a result, arms start to sag resulting in those dreaded bingo wings. While some choose to spend all their spare time in the gym, Transformulas’ ArmLift offers results without weights. Using patented technology, this new product firms, sculpts, hydrates and lifts the upper arms to make you look visibly younger. It even offers UVA protection to help defend skin against further cellular damage.


Décolletage  intensive_body_repair_treatmentCrepe Erase® Intensive Body Repair Treatment

You may have a face which looks as smooth and tight as a drum but your neck and chest could be giving away your Crepe Erase® Intensive Body Repair Treatment true age! Summer’s sweltering heat doesn’t allow you to hide crinkly, crêpey skin under a turtle neck so invest in the  seriously effective Crepe Erase Intensive Body Repair  Treatment (285g) £51.99, dubbed  “body lift in a bottle”,  it contains a rich formula that helps to visibly repair and condition the look of ageing skin on the décolletage. A blend of super-hydrating oils provides instant and all-day moisture to help plump and renew the look of dry, sagging skin. The age-defying actress Jane Seymour uses it too!


Back  GraceColeTeaTreeBodyScrub

The very thought of wearing a backless dress or a bikini with a spotty blemished back can make you feel self-conscious.  Decongest clogged up skin and allow it to breathe again by using the Grace Cole Tea Tree & Witch Hazel  Body Scrub £4. Tea Tree and Witch Hazel are widely renowned for their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and this stimulating body scrub will enliven lacklustre skin and gently smooth away dead skin cells.




Legs spider vein

Those pesky squiggly blue lines can affect anyone at any age and apart from expensive surgical treatment (or ineffective creams on the market) there wasn’t much one could do but hide it with trousers; until now.    Dare to bare your legs this summer with the new Remescar Spider Veins cream £29.95 – an innovative medical device that both treats (reducing spider veins by up to 51%) and prevents spider veins.    Created by a team of experts at Belgium company Sylphar,  Spider Veins creates a breathable silicone shield over the affected skin, offering protection from external triggers such as UV, and provides structural support to weak blood vessels.   Available from


Are pasty legs keeping you in the shade? Cheat your way to perfect summer pins with the Fake Bake Tinted Body
Glow £7.50
. Perfect for adding  luminosity to legs, which can be later washed off with soap and water the  
Fake Bake Tinted Body Glow is a bronze coloured moisturiser with a golden shimmer that complements and blends with a tan or natural skin tone beautifully.   Use to highlight and contour the legs. Glow on and give it a go!



It’s easy to neglect your feet when they’ve been hibernating all winter under thick tights and rain-proof boots. So with the sandal season about to be bestowed upon us, it’s time to get to work on that cracked, thickened, unsightly rough heel! The Skin truth Pedi Foot Scrub £ 3.45 sloughs away rough, dry skin leaving feet feeling invigorated, soft and smooth.  Don’t let your heels embarrass you! 




Open toe sandals can reveal a plethora of sins and a fading, chipped pedicure is one of them!  Polish your toes to
perfection and get them beach ready with the  SensatioNAIL Polish to Gel £49.99 – a new at home gadget which gives you a professional gel nail treatment at home. Loved by Fearne Cotton it will convert ANY normal nail polish into a gel nail polish.  Gel Polishes (used with a lamp) are fairly limited when it comes to choice of shades.    Not so with the Polish to Gel which can turn any nail polish into a gel polish! Its genius lies in its Transformer Base which contains a polymer formula which, when cured by the LED lamp, draws out the moisture layer by layer for quick dry time and causes a polymerization process to occur which causes the layers to bond to one another and harden. The result? A chip free pedicure at home with an in salon finish  for toes you can show off in the summer! Exclusively available from Boots. 


Polish2GelUK_Group Shot


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