Are you ready for the Cara Delevigne Mulberry Collection?

British fashion house Mulberry has just unveiled its new collection in collaboration with model-of-the-moment Cara Delevigne, debuting at the London Fashion Week Mulberry show on February 16. The British model has already been at the centre of two consecutive Mulberry campaigns.

The Cara Delevigne Mulberry Collection features three bags in varying sizes and finishes, pictured below.

The Mulberry Cara Delevigne bag is a three-in-one style available in three sizes, embracing Mulberry’s English attitude to functional beauty – a bag that can take you anywhere,” says the official page within the Mulberry website, launched just moments after the show.

It can be worn on the back: for running from the gym to work, or from train to plane. It can be worn on the shoulder: it can take you from work to dinner, and from town to country. It can be hand-held: for maximum elegance at all times or when you need to rise to the occasion.”

The press release continues,

“Cara wanted each bag to be like opening a letter with a lovely surprising touch. Inside you can discover a small lion rivet and a heart shape patch based on Cara’s own heart tattoo.”

On her brief to the Mulberry team Cara reportedly stated:

I wanted there to be hidden gems inside, based on things that are personal to me, which my tattoos definitely are.”


All of the bags created for collection will be made in England at Mulberry’s Somerset ateliers at the Rookery in Chilcompton and The Willows in Bridgewater, where a team of 700 local craftsmen and craftswomen will bring the collection to life. Made in England is part of Mulberry’s – and Cara’s – identity; she has the phrase tattooed on the bottom of her foot.

In tribute, the collection has it stamped on the bottom of each bag.

Though details of sale dates, prices and retailers have yet to be revealed, this exciting collection is sure to be highly-coveted.

Preview the collection below.


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