Artist Berndnaut Smilde Brings His Indoor Clouds To London

There are some artists who create a storm around their work, attracting attention and followers with every exhibition. Then there is Dutch artist, Berndnaut Smilde, who has physically created a storm with his latest project; Antipode in which clouds are created and captured indoors through the synthesis of photography, installation, performance and sculpture.

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With no Photoshop editing involved, the process is quite simple – smoke machines create the clouds and a slow shutter speed captures the clouds alongside a lot of patience. Choosing to create the clouds suspended inside grand and often eerily empty indoor locations, Smilde gives his work the instant how? factor. The ghostly clouds, never seen for real within the confinements of a room, act as a reminder to the previous life these grand buildings and houses once filled with people and parties. Each photograph captures a vey brief moment in time before the cloud dissipates, leaving no trace of it’s previous state of natural elements, whilst each image reacts to the architecture and history of the location.

Returning to London’s Ronchini Gallery this summer, his eye-catching works are able to be seen throughout his breathtaking photograph exhibition of his Indoor Clouds.

Berndnaut Smilde, Antipode is available to view from 11th April – 14th June 2014 at the Ronchini Gallery, 22 Dering Street, W15 1AN.

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