Spring is a special time of year where everything seems fresh and beautiful. The flowers return, the trees become full and lush, and then there’s the fact it usually signals the start of wedding and garden party season. If you’ve been invited to a spring wedding or garden party, then there is no doubt you’ve probably already started to give thought to what you’ll wear. Hitting that perfect note as a guest means looking for a fashionable outfit that is also flattering to you and your personality, and fits in with the venue and type of party.

Here we’ll take a look at some tips that will help you to put together the perfect outfit for a spring garden party or wedding.

The Ideal Time for Florals

If there is ever an ideal time to embrace florals, a garden party or spring wedding is that time. Florals are soft, romantic, and yet bright and interesting, all at the same time. Because the floral prints consist of so many different colours and sizes of prints, you can also find one that matches everyone’s style and preferences.

The spring summer collection at Beulah is the perfect example of designer dresses in florals that would work for the spring party circuit, and have the added benefit of being ethically sound. The spring summer 2018 collection features a selection of long, mid-length, and short dresses many of which are flowing and free. Selfridges also have a beautiful range of designer dresses that contains some floral pieces that would be ideal for spring.

When You’re Unsure – Opt for a Cocktail Dress

For many guests, the dress code at a spring wedding or party can be confusing at best. You don’t want to be over-dressed, but at the same time, you don’t want to look too casual. The general rule of thumb for women is when in doubt, opt for a cocktail dress. This is true of any event, any time of year. A cocktail dress is a knee-length dress and can work at both day and evening events.

When you pick a soft flowing material such as satin, chiffon, or silk it will give it a slightly formal appearance without going overboard. At the same time, this length and type of material are usually very comfortable to wear, so you won’t feel restricted in movement.

Steer Clear of Black and Red

While black works fabulous for fall and winter events, it doesn’t really have a place at these spring events. Red is another colour you’ll want to steer clear of, as it is very bold and often screams attention. The last thing you want to do is be the centre of attention at someone else’s wedding.

Pastels and Soft Colours Work Beautifully

If you’re not really a fan of florals but still want to look spring-like, opt for a soft pastel shade instead. Now, because pastels can be tricky to pull off, you’ll want to be sure you try on a few colours first so you can pick the one that best compliments you.

The Perfectly Dressed Guest

By following these tips, you’ll be sure to be that perfectly dressed guest all while feeling and looking great.


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