I am a coffee snob so I am allowing myself to title this piece so. With most of us not able to indulge in our favourite barista made drinks this year, we’ve turned our sights to the amazing coffees we can whip up at home. Melitta® EPOS® is the first-ever electric pour-over coffee system with an integrated grinder that might just revolutionise how you make coffee for a day WFM.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate how beautiful the machine is. You’d be over the moon to find the Melitta® EPOS® in your suite at the Ace Hotel with its matt black surfaces with silver or gold accents. To have this beauty at home is a real treat. Its sleek design means that it isn’t cumbersome at all – you could park this on your kitchen work surface or even in your office and it’s so simple to set up (you plug it in!) that you could move it around the house from work week to weekend.

If you are more used to espresso based drinks (eg. your lattes and flatwhites), allow me to introduce you to the joy of pour-over coffee. Many coffee aficionados claim that the pour-over method of making coffee – essentially pouring hot water over freshly ground coffee – releases the best flavours from the coffee beans. It’s also best drunk black meaning there’s no stress if you’ve run out of milk or don’t have your friend’s preferred milk substitute in the fridge.

The Melitta® EPOS® will take you through the journey of making the perfect cup of joe. We start with pouring whole coffee beans into the hopper of the integrated grinder and selecting the grind we want to achieve and how many cups. While the grinder is working away and filling the filter paper holder, all we need to do is remove the water container and fill it up to the corresponding cup level.

Once we’ve moved the ground coffee to under the water spout and popped the glass jug below, the Melitta® EPOS® takes control. The rotating spout will ensure that hot water is evenly distributed throughout the ground coffee to release the flavour of the beans and, of course, the aroma. At this point we can step away and perhaps take the dog for a walk as the Melitta® EPOS® will stop when the coffee is ready and the built in hotplate will keep the coffee warm for up to 40 minutes. This machine has not only become a joyous morning ritual for me but is helping stay peppy during continuous Zoom calls. What more could you ask for?

The Melitta® EPOS® is available via melitta.co.uk RRP: £299. Coffee snob, you are welcome.


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