Autumn Make Up Trend: Blue Eyed Girls

Blue is the colour of choice for this Autumn’s makeup trends. It’s often seen all over the runways season after season but it is a notoriously difficult colour for most of us (that’s those who are not flawless supermodels!) to actually pull off without the help of a professional makeup artist. Here , House of Coco take’s a look at the best of runway and red carpet blue hues and helps you to create the look yourself…



Look 1: Smokey Blues

Blend a bright blue, cobalt eye shadow all over the lid up to the socket line and into the outer corners of the eye then using a dark grey, shimmery eyeshadow, blend smoothly along the lash line and into the outer corners of the eye. Make sure to create a smokey eye effect by using a large, soft eyeshadow brush as this enables the colours to blend seamlessly without creating harsh lines – the fundamental part of a smokey-eye.

Repeat this step for the lower part of your eye, using the blue eye shadow across the bottom of your waterline and gradually blend a the darker grey colour to the outer corners. Remember to finish the look off by waterlining your upper and bottom eyelid and, as always – lots of mascara!

Add a pop of sparkle with a white shimmer or light blue shimmer in the inner corner of your eyes. This will bring our the whites in your eyes, whilst creating a wide-eyed look.


Look 2: Blue Eye-Lights

This look is perfect for the evening, and can be a nice change for people who like to change their make up style, but have little time. It is wearable during the day for some too. The focus is on the top lid, whereby a winged electric blue eyeliner is your best friend, and a nude lip completes the look.

Gently use the blue eyeliner to create a line close to your upper eyelashes. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and can be smudged with an eyeshadow brush if you prefer a sultry and relaxed look. Use natural eyeshadows for the rest of the eye (such as skin tone hues) to set the liner and keep creasing at bay. Finish with plenty of mascara on top and bottom lashes.

Keeping the rest of your face minimalistic, creates a modern and fashion-forward look ready for your day’s events. The pop of blue is a nice contrast to the usual black liner, so do not be surprised when people comment on your stand-out peepers!



Look 3: Flawless Blue Cat Eyes

Quite a dramatic look that utilises a smokey blend of blues and browns to create curved ocean waves. Mainly for the evening, this daring look aims for a sexy cat eye.

Start with blending brown eyeshadow in the crease of the eyelid and lining the upper lashes with a black eyeliner. Then blend an intense blue eyeshadow over the black line and wing out into the outer corners and up into the outer quarter of the crease line on the lid. Line the bottom waterline with blue eyeliner, and drag it up to join the top blue blend, creating a cat eye effect.This technique is commonly used to mimic a wide-eyed look, due to extending the lash line further than it naturally is.

Using a big, soft brush, blend all the eyeshadow to create a smokey effect by blurring the two colours and any harsh lines away.

Top tip: If you make any mistakes, use a powder to brush away any excess pigments that may have fallen on to your skin during your make up application. Many make up artists place white powder around the eye socket as a common practice to catch any eyeshadow particles. This is to avoid touching up the rest of the face, and makes minor errors easy to blend.

We hope you dare to try out some cool blue shades for a chic new look, or go down the fluorescent route and add a pop of electric blue to the mix. You can try this look out with different colours if you feel blue does not match your complexion. Once you try out one colour however, you will realise how easy it is to switch up your look without learning new make up skills and will be hooked! We’d love to see your blue-eyed looks so tweet us @house_of_coco .

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