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7 Autumn Scents You’ll Love

7 Autumn Scents You’ll Love

It's perfectly normal to want to change your perfume as the season changes - so we've put together seven Autumn scents you'll love to spritz now summer has gone.

November 14th, 2019

It’s perfectly normal to want to change your perfume as the season changes – so we’ve put together seven Autumn scents you’ll love to spritz now summer has gone. We change our wardrobes so it’s no surprise we change the fragrances we wear too. Swap the fresh and floral scents for something deeper, warmer and more aromatic. Think ouds, woods and spices, complemented by sweet vanillas and musks. Of course, some of you will want to stick with what you love – a fragrance is very personal, after all – so there are some sweeter, lighter scents as well.

Whatever fragrance you want to see you through the colder months, we’ve got you covered with seven autumn scents you’re sure to not be able to stop spritzing.

Jo Loves – Rose Petal 25

This delicate flower scent is not just for summer – in fact, its combination of bergamot, saffron and lychee notes all had a muskier tone, making it perfect as we move into the colder months. The fusion of blossoming rose water, Turkish rose and Bulgarian rose all come together to deliver a fresh but comforting scent – all on a bed of everlasting rose de mai absolute, rose absolute and ambrette seed – which, combined, deliver a premium and aromatic fragrance to the perfume and an autumn scent you’ll absolutely love.

£115 for 100ml

Banana Republic

I’m a huge advocate for Banana Republic’s fragrances and the Linen & Vetiver scent from the ICON collection is my favourite. There’s something invigorating about it – most likely due to the green galbanum note and fresh citrus. Then there’s the vetiver and crystalised amber to keep it rich and smoky (perfect for this season). It’s definitely a day-to-night perfume as it has the florals in it keep it light and fresh but there is an elegance and musk that’s perfect for the evening.

£55 for 75ml

Malin + Goetz Leather

Taking inspiration from traditionally scenting artisan leather goods with custom perfumes, Leather from Malin + Goetz is an iconic and modern fragrance you should wear this autumn. With his warm and woody notes, it gives off the idea of a mixture of smooth leather with worn-in craftsmanship. The leather, cedarwood and sandalwood keep thinks smoky and perfect as an autumn scent you’ll love, while the top notes of lotus flower and eucalyptus add a lightness to the perfume – which is unisex.

£75 for 50ml

Scent Republik London

Vegan, cruelty-free and paraben-free, explore the sophisticated, yet edgy, cities of London, Tokyo and Los Angeles. I think London is my favourite for this season; a dynamic scent made up of a spicy blend of aromatic ouds, warm wood and oriental floral notes. Other spices that make up this Autumn scent you’ll love are nutmeg, pepper and cinnamon – giving the perfume a mysterious heat and addictive fragrance.

£12.50 for 6.5ml fragrance pen, set coming soon

Kierin NYC Santal Sky

This vibrant and dynamic fragrance is intertwined with woody and spicy scents. Made up of cardamon, saffron, sandalwood and vetiver, there is a deep and earthy quality to the perfume. All Kierin perfumes are created sustainably and all tell a story of urban New York lifestyle. This scent is long-lasting, invigorates the souls and represents a stillness among the busy city.

£65 for 50ml

SJP Born Lovely

A new release, this fun and flirty fragrance is the perfect pick-me-up for anyone not wanting to let go of summer. There is a floral-infused scent to the woody tones of the fragrance, made up from a blend of white flowers, caramel and woods, earning its place on this list of autumn scents you’ll love. The notes of cassis, jasmine, orange blossom and honeysuckle ensure it’s a bold and fruity scent – a uniquely, sweet combination.

£40 for 50ml

Miller Harris

This earthy fragrance will see you from autumn all the way through to next spring. With a bespoke green scent, its earthiness is complemented by zesty fruits to create this gorgeous perfume – that is unisex too. There are notes of pink grapefruit and mandarin but cinnamon, saffron and leather are also prominent ingredients. Overall it leaves the warm and smoky impression of amber, myrrh and frankincense – so without sounding like the Three Kings, this musky scent is perfect for autumn.

£95 for 50ml

Amira Arasteh

Amira Arasteh

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