Awkward In-between Hair Length Is On Trend! The Best of Mid-Length Styles


Have you been trying to grow your hair ever since you can remember, dressing table covered in miracle-grow treatments, hair tablets and extensions? Well now is the time to embrace your medium length hair as it is set to be a huuuuge trend for this spring / summer season! No longer is that awkward in-between length a problem as we take a look at the celebs doing medium length hair the best…



Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo makes medium length hairstyles look effortless. With her naturally sleek straight locks, the midi length suits Olivia because it’s a simple style. Her thickness of hair gives it just the right weight to carry off the one-length style.







Sienna Miller

Possibly one of the most sought after heads-of-hair in celebdom, Sienna embraced medium length hairstyles way before we knew they was on trend. Sienna’s hair looks at it’s best at a mid-length style as it flatters her face shape and has a natural volume. You can always add a little colour to the hair for a fresher look, like Sienna’s peach colour, if you’ve always had mid-length hair and fancy a change.







Rihanna’s medium hairstyle gives her that girl next door look we’ve not seen her sporting for a while! She opts for a feathered, long fringe to flatter and frame her eyes.









Nicola Roberts

Nicola Roberts is a usual on the FROW nowadays, and with this dip-dyed midi hair, we can see why! The front layers frame her face whilst keeping modern with a heavy, blunt cut at the ends.








Caroline Flack

A rare photograph of Caroline Flack without her trademark dip dye! Her she opts for no layers using a choppy cut across the bottom to achieve a mono-length medium hairstyle. Hair extensions can also be used for this look to get the one length effect.







Kate Moss

We are obsessed with Kate Moss’ hair; whether she’s on the red carpet or out on a night out, it is tousled to bed head perfection – a style which certainly works well with mid-length. Too long can make it look scraggly and shorter lengths don’t tousle properly, Kate has got it just right.







Fearne Cotton

The ‘Lob’ (long bob, for those of you not in the know!) on Fearne is a huge love of mine. Its a grown out style that gives that edgy, rock and roll feel to Fearne’s hair which suit her attitude and dress sense perfectly.





JenniferAnistonJennifer Aniston

Let us remind you of the length of ‘The Rachel Cut’ from 1994. It was medium. The world went crazy for Jennifer Aniston’s voluminous mid length, which she now wears in a straighter, less-layered style. Medium hairstyles don’t come much more famous than this!






 Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba takes a break from her long locks for a trendier,waved medium length style. She stays true to her all-american look with natural, sun-kissed colour at the tips.






Vanessa Hudgens

Finishing just sweeping the shoulders, Vanessa’s medium length hairstyle is a sultry, sexed up way to wear mid-length hair. With some natural, glossy, dark curls, the medium length haircut has never looked so good.







Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift ditched her long locks for a retro, waved crop after a lot of hanging out with Karlie Kloss. Her fringe is swept to the side but looks short enough to still be a full fringe for Taylor’s trademark blunt bangs if she fancies mixing it up.








Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung has to own one of the most famous medium length hairstyles there is. It is this effortless haircut that recently confirmed Alexa as a hair icon as she became the face of super-brand L’Oreal. Alexa nails the half-way haircut and we can’t imagine her ever changing it.






Gwen Stefani Long Hairstyles Layered Cut 3p7kYHe6zIql

Gwen Stefani

Talking of midi-hair trends, we cannot forgot to mention Gwen’s platinum mid-length locks which are practically legendary! From spiky and short to crazy up-dos, Gwen has done them all but it’s the medium length cut she keeps coming back to. Whether super sharp and straight or with a little wave as shown here, Gwen is the ‘Queen of Medium’ length hair.

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