As any budding parent will testify, the term “babyproofing” is branded around quite frequently. Put simply, it involves making your home into something that’s not going to be dangerous to your impending little one.

Quite often, this definition stretches to sealing off plug sockets, placing kitchen chemicals out of harm’s way, and all sorts of other small tips that can just make the environment much more toddler friendly.

As you may have just realized, most of these tips are indeed focused around toddlers. Due to their lack of mobility, the suggestions don’t often apply to newborn babies.

This is where today’s article is going to come into play. We will now take a look at several “instant” tips that will help you babyproof your home for the here and now.

Make sure your washing machine is in good, working order

First and foremost, this might not be a child safety issue, but ensuring that your washing machine is in good, working order is key to babyproofing your house (for your own sake). Check out this guide on how to find your perfect washer dryer that will keep your laundry clean and fresh.

This might an appliance that is currently only used at weekends but trust us, after the birth, this will be switched to daily. Soiled garments will become a regular occurrence and you just can’t afford not to have something that can clean (and preferably dry) them in record speeds. If you have any sort of issues in this regard, we would urge you to take a look at these common washing machine problems to see if you can initiate a quick fix.

The same rules apply with your freezer

In some ways, similar rules apply with the freezer. This is something that is again going to be used more than ever before, whether it’s for freezing breast milk, or even meals for yourself during those trialing few months after the birth.

If you don’t have a working freezer, it will make your job of being a new parent much harder than it really should be.

(and make sure there is enough food to go in it)

Of course, it’s all very well having a working freezer, but you need to be using it to its full potential. Sure, you can make a decision about freezing milk at a later date, but for the meantime at least you should be thinking about some form of meal prep. In other words, cook your meals in advance, freeze them and so when it comes to those first few months of your baby’s life, you and the family can still eat nutritious meals and not rely on the fast, unhealthy alternatives that so many new parents are forced to turn to.

Understand your central heating system

Finally, it’s also imperative to understand your central heating system. Babies are very susceptible to temperature and you simply can’t have their room either too hot or cold. The last thing you want is to be having to call out a heating engineer halfway through your first week of being a parent; understand how the heating system works and go from there.


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