The House Of Coco team is always on the lookout for new things that we think you guys would love. This week we were introduced to a new brand by the name of KILLSPENCER.  KILLSPENCER is based out of Silverlake, Los Angeles and they make some amazing products. The brands biggest sellers are their bags. KILLSPENCER carries everything from men’s and women’s travel bags, work bag, and smaller accessories for your camera and cellphone.  You always need a good for work and traveling, and since our team travels a lot, we’ve picked out a few of our favorites from the new KILLSPENCER Taupe Nubuck Leather Collection.

First up we have the Weekender 3.0. This is your essential travel bag. Made of premium taupe Nubuck leather, the bags interior features waterproof black nylon and foam lifting  with 2 slip pockets for all of your gadgets and cords and extra zippered pocket for any other things you may need to take with you.Kill1

Next up is the Zippered Pouch. This bag is great for a night out on the town or just day out in the city. Like a lot of us we alwYs make sure we have our phone chargers with us and this would be the perfect bag for your phone, charger an iPad mini, and other little things that you carry around with you daily.kill2

Last but definitely not least is the Box Tote. This was our favorite back from the Taupe Nubuck Leather collection. This would be your quintessential everyday bag.  The lightweight tote can hold everything you need from books to laptops. WE NEED THIS BAG! kill3



If you guys are looking for great, stylish bags, then KILLSPENCER is where you guys should be looking.


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