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Balance Your Time Spent Online With Different Content

Balance Your Time Spent Online With Different Content

Have you ever found yourself on your smartphone or your laptop doing the same thing you always do?

September 3rd, 2021

Have you ever found yourself on your smartphone or your laptop doing the same thing you always do? Playing that game you’ve played for months now, or heading back to the same news website just to see some potential new articles? It may be time to freshen up your online routine and explore what else the internet has to offer. Here are some suggestions that will allow you to put Candy Crush on pause, and expand your horizons.

Expanding your Education

There are opportunities to expand your learning without having to leave the comfort of your couch. You can look into accreditations that could actually benefit you in the workplace, like learning CPR. A CPR certification is not just for medical professionals anymore and is considered a great asset on a resume for any employer. If you’re already certified, renewing CPR online through the American Red Cross or other credited instructors can give you the refresher you need to provide basic life support in an emergency situation.

A digital certificate from a renewal course will instill proper CPR training with an understanding of the skills needed for certain situations. These CPR courses may be required as part of higher learning for a degree required for healthcare providers. Online learning became the only option for some schools amid the COVID-19 pandemic. This allowed for expanding education from the comfort of your home, with that knowledge possibly being expanded to possibly qualify you for a job or career that you hadn’t been qualified for before. The best part is that most of these problems allow you to work at your own pace around your busy schedule.

Online Gaming

While you may be used to the usual games on your phone, you may also enjoy eSports and online video games like League of Legends. Take some time to browse some LOL guides to get a more in-depth guide into bettering your gameplay. With insight from the best players, you’ll learn the best way to play as some of the game’s trickiest characters. The information offered in these guides can help anyone from a beginner in the gaming world to someone playing League of Legends on a regular basis. You can even boost your credentials by offering up your own knowledge to others through online boards.

If you haven’t played Lillia or Yone, the Unforgotten, taking a break from your usual mundane online routine can brace you for gameplay. It could even build up your strengths to be ready for tournament play with some of the pros. You can even look into community events to watch an enemy champion in their element, or better understand what goes into being the best at League of Legends.

Limits on Social Media

While browsing through Facebook and Twitter may be tempting, it comes with its negatives. Some experts have found that social media triggers mental health difficulties, ranging from stress to depression. While these modules can be great for keeping in touch with old friends, they can also lead to misinformation. “Fake news” has become a huge problem in recent years, and social media has become susceptible to these falsified claims.

It’s important to take the time to research what you see on these websites. Make sure that any article you are reading is coming from an accredited site, but be sure to back that up by looking into other news sites to confirm the information. Occasional glimpses and posts on Instagram and other apps are not a bad thing, but be sure to balance it out by getting the accurate information that you need. You’ll feel more at ease by breaking up the usual with online classes and other browsing.



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