What are some great ideas for having some quality time with your friends and family? You could go out for a vacation, go to the movies, or go watch a sporting event. All of these are fun, but you can also have a great time sitting in your backyard and have a delicious meal. That’s right! We are talking about a barbeque party.

You can set up all of the necessary things you will need right in your backyard, call your loved ones, and have a great time. You can even show off some of your cool grilling techniques while you are at it.

Now before you invite everyone, make sure you have everything you need in order to make your party a success. You will need some specific tools and gear to make those delicious meals.

Tools you will need

There are many different styles of doing barbeque and many tools involved in the process. The best part about it is that you won’t need expensive tools to make some delicious steaks, patties, and kebabs.

There are tons of options to choose from, and because of that, you might also feel a bit confused about getting the right gear that will suit your purpose. You will also need more hands-on experience with the tools to properly use them.

Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of tools that come very handy for barbequing.

1. Tongs

You will need some sturdy tongs to properly flip the food. Tongs are perfect for maneuvering your food. They can be used for all sorts of food. Meaty steaks, delicate patties, and fish fillets all can be held with a strong grip. Apart from keeping you ata safe distance from the flame, tongs also savesthe flavor of the food. Using a tong properly will allow you not to break or pierce the food, which can allow the juices to come out.

2. Spatulas

You do not always need heavy-duty grill spatulas for your barbeque, but you do need a sturdy one. It is best to choose one with a regular length and a wide head. The wide head of the spatula makes it easier to flip the food.

3. Stainless Skewers

It’s better to use stainless steel skewers rather than wooden or bamboo ones as they are much more durable. Stainless skewers are also reusable and last a long time. A regular 12-inch sized skewer can easily meet your barbeque needs.

4. Cast Iron Skillet

Using a skillet on top of the grill is a great way to cook. If you cook straight on the grill, the fat will fall from the meat and down to fire, causing it to flare up. Using the skillet gives the meat a perfect sear and enhances the flavour.

5. Baking Mat

The mat allows the meat to have the perfect grill lines you want and saves your food from falling through the grates, similar to the skillet.

6. Basting Brush

You will need a basting brush for marinating your meat with sauces and other ingredients. You should pick brushes that have a long handle, whichallows you to maintain a safe distance from the heat.

Also, it’s good to select food-safe silicone brushes. These brushes are very durable and heat resistant. The bristles are also firmly attached and won’t accidentally break and fall on the food.

7. Charcoal Grill

Gas grills are your traditional grill, but charcoal grills take the flavor of your food to a whole new level. For charcoal grills, you will also need a chimney. Once you learn and feel comfortable using the charcoal grill, you will be able to cook in a shorter time.

Here’s the best part: Charcoal grills are also cheaper than gas grills. Pit Boss griddle vs Blackstone griddle.

8. Chimney

This is where you will place your coal. The chimney works without continuously pouring lighter fluids and, in turn, doesn’t make your food smell like gasoline. In chimneys, you can put newspaper at the bottom and coal at the top, then light the newspapers, which will ignite the briquettes. After that, you can rest at ease and let the chimney do its job.

9. Meat thermometer

Thermometers are very important for cooking. It gives you an instant read on the temperature of the meat and helps you understand how long it will take to cook. This certainly gives you the perfect meat — not undercooked or overcooked at all.

10. Apron

Of course, you are going to need an apron. Every cook must wear an apron before starting to cook as a rule of thumb. It keeps you safe from the spills and heat, and aprons also have pockets so you can keep all of your cooking tools at your disposal.

11. Gloves

Even while using long-handled tools like spatulas, tongs, and skewers, you should always maintain more safety, which is why you definitely should use oven mitts while cooking. There are very durable gloves available on the market, which even allows you to carry the meat directly from the grill with your hands. Buying durable gloves is worth the investment.

12. Grill Floor Mat

Safety comes first. While barbequing, you will be working with a lot of heat and flammable objects. Barbequing is fun, but you should never compromise on safety. Aside from safety while grilling, you will encounter the occasional spills that can stain the floor. You do not want that to happen, right?

Then, get a fire-resistant and retardant mat and set it right below your machines just in case.

13. Timer

You need these to keep you on track. There are timer apps that can provide you all sorts of information about grilling temperature and times.

14. Burger press

You would need a burger press to make those perfect–sized burgers and patties if you want your burgers to all be exactly the same size.

15. Meat injectors

To increase the flavor of your food, sometimes you need to inject extra ingredients into the meat. For that, you will need meat injectors. This is a syringe-like looking tool that allows you to inject marinade into the food.

16. Grill basket

Grill baskets are very useful when you want to grill vegetables, delicate fishes, and fruits. The basket helps the food from falling through the grill rack.

17. Barbeque lights

What about when you want to cook at night?

You would need outdoor lights of course. There are many options to choose from. You can use pole, mounted, or handled lights. You can use magnetic lights that can be attached to the grill so you canget the perfect lighting.

18. Grilling Sheets

Grilling sheets allow the more delicate foods like eggs and veggies to be grilled properly, giving them the right flavor. The sheets can be washed and reused again if needed.

19. Fire extinguisher

It’s not a cooking tool per se, but we thought this should be on the list. You need to make sure you have everything under control while barbequing, so keep a fire extinguisher nearby in case you need to use it.

20. Grill Brush

Cleaning and sanitizing is a very important part of the cooking process. Learning how to barbeque is not only about cooking; it’s also about keeping your gear and equipment clean for the next use. So investing in a grill brush is a good idea. You could use brushes with stainless steel bristles as they tend to be very durable.

Barbequing is fun, exciting, and a great way to spend your time. Whether you are new to barbecue or are a professional cook, all the tools mentioned above will surely come handy. Learning how to use them properly is also pretty easy. The next time you plan for a barbeque party, you will be more than ready.


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