We may be stuck in lockdown right now but there are plenty of options to look your best for the year ahead. According to new research*, the nation is planning to spend a whopping £31 billion in 2021 on beauty tweakments and going under the knife, with 1 in 5 (21%) hoping it will help to improve their appearance for screen time with more of us working from home.

Whether you’re concerned about a less than perfect smile, a muffin-top or wrinkles, Jennie Noctor from Maxie Beauty, has suggestions on some of the leading non-invasive treatments.

Many of these mini-treatments can be done from home, which is a good job with potentially weeks of lockdown ahead! Get ready for the summer and be your best in 2021.

Create a Hollywood smile

If you’re looking for a straighter smile, then teeth alignment therapy could be the answer. SmileDirectClub aligners can safely straighten teeth in just 4 to 6 months and you have two options to begin your journey: book a free appointment at one of their UK SmileShops to have a 3D image taken of your teeth or by ordering a dentist-prescribed, easy-to use, at-home impression kit delivered to your home. A UK registered dentist or orthodontist will determine eligibility for SmileDirectClub aligners – and then you get to approve your smile plan.

Subtle Not ‘Done’ Pout

Move over the trout pout, the trend for 2021 is to look healthy and revitalised, not ‘done’. Using micro-injectibles, which are tiny doses of carefully placed botox and fillers, it is possible to subtly lift and tighten the skin, replacing volume where it’s been lost, and lifting the muscles that pull the face down as part of the ageing process. It’s not about creating strange shapes or odd facial structures, it’s all about looking like a rejuvenated version of you.

Fresh New Skin

Get the lit-from-within look without leaving home with a DIY chemical peel. Whether you’re worried about acne, sun damage, fine lines, pigmentation or uneven skin tone then an at-home chemical peel could be just what you need. DIY versions are much gentler than those done in salons, but still produce great results at a fraction of the cost. For a good all-rounder try The Ordinary’s AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution, which is available online for as little as £4.


Breathe new life into your skin with ZIIP. Favoured by celebrities across the word, ZIIP uses nanocurrents and microcurrents to lift, plump and sculpt your skin. Whether you’re looking to brighten or tighten your complexion, this clever hand-held device, adapts to your skin and leaves it looking healthy, glowing and lifted in just minutes. The next best thing to a salon facial, the device connects through an app and offers a wide range of personalised skincare treatments.

Contouring imperfections

If you’re looking for a natural enhancement and want to steer clear of Botox and fillers, then try a laser treatment. Lasers help to keep the skin in lovely condition, refine pores, boost brightness and collagen and work wonders on noticeable imperfections such as red veins, pigmentation rosacea and irritated skin. For advice from leading laser facialist, Debbie Thomas, visit dthomas.com.

Detox with a Massage

You don’t have to go under the knife to change the way you look and feel. Beat the bloat, flush out your toxins, boost your immunity and improve your health in one easy step with a lymphatic drainage massage when restrictions lift. A gentle treatment, which uses specific techniques to move fluid around the body, a good lymphatic drainage massage can significantly reduce water retention and certainly make you look slimmer. Try it at home or head to a salon and if you’re strapped for cash then try dry body brushing.

Reshape your Shape

If you’ve got more than one problem area and you’re looking for a device that can do it all, then enter RESHAPE, the latest combination technology from Pureskin. RESHAPE uses LED, soft laser, vacuum and radiofrequency, all of which are administered via a single applicator. The range also includes EpiLase, for hair removal, Vegas QS, a powerful Q-switched laser device and Quantum, which has seven different LED modes for face and body treatments.

Zoom Ready?

If video calls are bringing your skin imperfections into sharp focus then try these simple hacks. If you’re making a call during the day, then always face a window. If it’s dark, position a lamp above your camera so that it’s pointing directly into your face (making sure it’s not burning your face). Or take lighting to the next level with a continuous ring light.

Raise your computer with a laptop stand or a stack of books so that the camera isn’t pointing up and making your chin and nose seem larger.

*Research was run externally by 4Media in October 2020, with 2,000 respondents over the age of 18 across the UK.


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