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Even the most unorganised person finds it difficult to resist fabulously fancy stationary and the false pretence of becoming beautifully organised. For those lucky souls that are naturally neat and tidy the idea of beautiful stationary is just as appealing to the chaotic clutterers as it is to them. Pentreath & Hall never fail to impress with their gorgeous range of stationary and leave us wanting things that we didn’t even know we needed.

Decorative artist and maker, Bridie Hall’s new Alphabet Brush or Pen Pots provide the perfect way to brighten up your desk and add a splash of colour to lighten the mood. Finally tidy away all the unruly pens that have been trying to make a quick escape from your desk or spell out your name in a colourful array of Alphabet Pots  -who said sitting at a desk was boring?! The pots are proudly handmade in London which delights us here at House of Coco and are now available in the Bloomsbury shop or online.

Another exciting addition to Pentreath & Hall is the new card and postcard collection entitled ‘Flora, Fauna, Views and Typography’- a rather long winded name but all is forgotten once you see the collection. The cards feature Ben Pentreath and Bridie Hall’s favourite images from their print archive. They can be bought separately although the designs are so wonderful that you may struggle to pick a favourite; a notion that seems to become a theme when browsing through the whole Pentreath & Hall collection.

Pentreath & Hall Cards & Postcards

Pentreath & Hall Cards & Postcards


Alphabet Brush or Pen Pots are £40 each.

Greetings cards are £2.50, postcards are £1.50 and a mixed pack of ten postcards is £14.50.


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