Beauty Tips To Bust Jet-Lag

1. Adjusting your body clock means tuning into local times ASAP. So no matter how tired you are, avoid daytime naps. Stay out in daylight as much as possible and wear sunglasses to minimise the shock of light at the wrong time. If you arrive at night but it’s your usual daytime, encourage sleep by dimming the lights an hour before you turn in, and use ear plugs and an eye mask. Best of all, the week before you go, help your body clock to adapt to the time zone ahead. Enter your flight details into JetLag Genie or Jet Lag App, and they’ll create a suggested schedule of when to sleep and eat. The pay-off is you’ll be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed from the get go.


2. Sleep deprivation and the dry air on a flight is a disaster for skin and eyes – we’re used to humidity of 50% but on a plane it’s just ONE per cent – so it’s small wonder we hit the runway looking parched and tired. Use eye-brightening drops and say goodbye to puffiness, dark circles and dryness.

1 woman and coffee
3. Air pressure, salty airline foods and dehydration all combine to slow our digestions and make us bloat up on a long haul flight. Combat this with a diet of water-rich, high-fibre fruits, vegetables and salads and drink plenty of water (hot water and lemon is great for stimulating digestion). Skip salty or spicy foods, alcohol and caffeinated drinks for the first day or two and avoid gassy drinks.

4. Reboot your energy levels and release those feel-good endorphins with a blast of exercise. It’s probably the last thing you feel like doing when you’ve checked into your hotel, but a quick run or swim in the pool will get you in holiday mode, boost your circulation and digestion, so you’ll be back to the pre-flight svelte you ASAP. Chances are, if you find the gym on day one you’re twice as likely to stick to an exercise regime during your holiday. It’s a good excuse to show off your new chic sports gear plus you’ll feel super-confident in your bikini!

5. Keep your body beautiful by using good suncare, exfoliating and moisturising. It’s so easy to find time to lavish on yourself on holiday and once you’re in the habit it’ll be easier to maintain back home. Invest in an exfoliating mitt and foot file and twice a week spend just five minutes in the shower buffing away dead skin cells – it’ll boost your circulation and help moisturiser sink in so your skin looks radiant and glowing, plus it means that tan will look better for longer.

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