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Blakes Hotel London has launched a sizzling new collaboration with Kiki De Montparnasse the luxury lingerie and accessories brand - and we are in lust! As storms brew outside! [...]

Blakes Hotel London has launched a sizzling new collaboration with Kiki De Montparnasse the luxury lingerie and accessories brand – and we are in lust!

As storms brew outside! why go out? when you can turn up the heat inside.

Established in 1978 – Blakes Hotel is regarded as the worlds first luxury boutique hotel – located in Kensington, the desirable location provides discretion and absolute privacy. It is often the go to option for many of the rich and famous – proudly earning its title the ‘couture’ hotel.

The ‘Behind closed doors’ package which has been so carefully curated by the chicest Kiki de Montaparnasse – things are bound to get heated up in the room. The package consists of Kiki de Montaparnasse silk pyjamas a bespoke eye mask – also further luxury accessories to set temperatures soaring – you’ll ask what is that smell? just the divine lotus candle which is burning which doubles up into a sensual sexy massage oil – and if he or she has been a bad kitty a little lesson with a leather hand braided whip should spice it up! Still not satisfied? perhaps we can indulge you with some personalised engraved handcuffs? still wanting more? – then a double sided tickler, should do the trick.

We can assure all you couples out there – you are in for the night of your life. You are bound to work up an appetite? then Blakes also have that covered dinner and breakfast are served in room with unlimited room service – and expect oysters! Thirsty? that is completely understandable! Laurent Perrier has your back there darling. Worth every single drop of massage oil – will you let yourself go wild? – the behind closed doors package is currently available now.

When you enter Blakes superbly designed suite you are greeted by rich opulence at its finest – everything is perfectly thought of. The eye is in the finer detail. Every sheet feels divine each pillow is perfect to touch.

We have seen many a hotel – stayed in the most luxury surroundings – but never has a hotel made us feel like we don’t want ever want to leave. Dark and completely handsome – if The Blakes Hotel was a man – he would be the one of your dreams. Sophistically charming dashingly elegant. The staff open doors, friendly and beautifully presentable.
Blakes is incredibly stylish – each corner you turn something charmingly quirky grabs your attention. Luxury personified – it is easy to see why the rich and famous adore this place.  Service so impeccable – nothing has not been thought about and this is down to even the smallest of things like the toiletries in the bathroom – everything will leave your senses invigorated.

Overall a truly magical experience which will never be forgotten a hotel so deliciously exquisite you will definitely be back for more.

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