Don Papa, the premium small batch rum, has launched its newest product, the Sevillana Cask Finish – a limited edition, super-premium rum inspired by the oranges of Seville, Spain.

Blended by Don Papa’s Master Blender to produce a unique limited-edition spirit, the Sevillana Cask is bursting with fragrant orange and Don Papa’s signature vanilla notes, with boosts of orange rind flavours, nutty aromas and subtle dried fruits. House of Coco had the chance to sample the new rum at the launch party of the new product in London. The event was an energetic showcase of the new rum fit with passionate flamenco performances, delicious food and sublime cocktails.

Don Papa

Introducing Don Papa Sevillana: A Culinary Journey Inspired by Philippine Heritage

This harmony of flavours, rhythms and textures found both in the rum as well as at the launch event, is an ode to the Philippines’ rich cultural heritage. Sevillana is a blend of five and fifteen-year-old rums distilled from 100% Negros Island sugar cane before ageing in American Oak ex-bourbon barrels. This is followed by three years in two different types of Spanish casks: oloroso sherry casks and Andalusian Vino De Naranja (orange wine) casks. These unique casks are used to make a local speciality, a popular local Seville orange spirit, enjoyed during the summer months.

This mix of oloroso sherry casks, orange liqueur casks and Philippine rum found in the Don Papa Sevillana, was inspired and made possible by the 18th century Manila-Acapulco Galleon trade, which linked Spain to the Philippines via Mexico, bringing a bounty of products, culture and influences.

The Sevillana Cask Finish is presented in an exquisite and vibrant Rococo-inspired design reflecting aspects of the island’s Spanish heritage, its lush colourful landscape and the irreverence of Papa Isio’s story, the revolutionary hero who inspired the Don Papa name. Don Papa Sevillana Cask Finish (70cl) is priced at £70 and available at

Don Papa

Matthias Cadeac d’arbaud, Global Brand Ambassador at Don Papa, says:

“Rum drinking is on the rise in the UK and people are realising that there is a whole world of rum for them to explore. The taste and provenance of Don Papa offers something completely unique to both rum amateurs and connoisseurs alike. Great rum starts with great sugar and Don Papa harnesses the spirit of Sugarlandia, an exotic, mystical land of alchemy and home to some of the world’s sweetest sugarcane. The result is a rich and smooth liquid full of depth and favour. Replace the spirit in your favourite cocktail with Don Papa to put a delicious Filipino twist on a classic or enjoy it on the rocks for a more intense and purer hit of favour and sweetness.”

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