Whether you are celebrating with a partner, hosting a Galentine’s Day (it’s a thing) drinks party or simply looking for a delicious libation to get you through the festival of romance, Don Papa has created the perfect cocktail for every type of Valentine’s Day.

As the 14th February approaches, Don Papa Rum has designed the Kanlaon Kiss cocktail, a fruity, easy-to-make serve for those celebrating the occasion at home.

Each cocktail is made with the signature Don Papa Rum for people looking to switch from gin or fizz and fall head over heels for something a bit different. The cocktail features a smooth and delicate finish that is light and fruity on the nose with distinctive flavours of vanilla, honey and candied fruits. Kanlaon Kiss harnesses the free spirit of Sugarlandia, the island home of Don Papa Rum.

The Kanlaon Kiss takes its name from Mount Kanlaon, the active volcano found in Don Papa’s lush birthplace of Sugarlandia (local name for the island of Negros). Designed to accentuate Don Papa’s fruity flavour and smooth finish, the Kanlaon Kiss combines Don Papa Rum with floral notes of rose and an exotic and refreshing punch of guava and lemon juice. Serve this colourful cocktail over ice and garnish with 3 drops of Bitter Truth Aromatic Bitters. donpaparum.com

Method and ingredients:

In a mixing vessel, combine (in the order shown):

7.5ml rose syrup (Monin/Giffard)

30ml guava juice

7.5ml lemon juice

45ml Don Papa Rum

Add ice (5 cubes; to cover liquid) and shake (20 seconds), then strain into a chilled Coupe glass and garnish with 3 drops of Bitter Truth Aromatic Bitters.

And voilà!

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