Tell me about Pentire’s origin story.

Pentire is all about active living and being outdoors; we set out to create healthy drinks for folks who shared our love of those things.

After spending almost a year working experimenting with plants from our local coastline in Cornwall, UK; we landed on our first non-alcoholic spirit, Pentire Adrift. There are now 5 products in our range including our non-alcoholic aperitif, the Pentire Coastal Spritz, which is bright red and has quickly become our best seller!

I joined Frosty, my co-founder, a few months into starting the business and fast forward four years, I’m now living on Venice Beach in California. Since launching Pentire in the USA, our growth has quadrupled and it’s super exciting to see our active community growing across the pond. There’s something pretty special about seeing people drinking Pentire at Malibu Farm after starting the brand in our tiny flat in Cornwall a few years ago.

How is Pentire different from other non-alcoholic beverages on the market?

Pentire is all about health and active living and we’re more interested in building a brand centred around that lifestyle than pushing sobriety.

We’re not trying to encourage people to stop drinking (and interestingly 80% of our customers still drink alcohol) – just making sure there’s a healthy and delicious option out there for folks that share our love for keeping active and healthy.

All of our drinks have this delicious coastal flavour profile too, which is pretty unique in our space.

Why is being a certified B Corp company important to Pentire?

Ultimately, Pentire is about giving people clarity of mind to enjoy meaningful experiences outdoors, so looking after mother nature from the start and making sure our whole team can get outside and be active during the working day was a non-negotiable.

We’ve tried to make ethical decisions at every stage of building the business to stay true to this, from using carbon-offset deliveries to recyclable packaging and working with amazing charities who share our love for the ocean like Blue Marine Foundation.

Probably the best thing about being a B Corp is being part of the community that comes with it. Everyone is super inspiring and we learn a lot from each other.

What’s next for Pentire?

We’re just super excited to grow our like-minded community in the USA.

There’s a great surf scene in Cali and Pentire feels like a really natural fit here – we’ve actually just launched our range of pre-mixed cans in Erewhon Market and have listings in places like Butchers Daughter, Malibu Farm and Soho House – so we’re excited to see what happens next.

Where can one purchase Pentire?

You can shop Pentire from our online store and we’re also stocked in a range of retailers across the USA like Erewhon, Boisson, and activewear store, Huckberry – the best way to find your local store is to visit the stockist page on our website.

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