Behind the Brand : Brioche Baby

Toronto born, Lisa T. Levy is the creative force behind Brioche Baby™.

Lisa’s days are busy juggling between being a mom and an entrepreneur. A believer in all things natural, non-toxic, and organic, and knowing that 60% of what goes onto your skin ends up in your body, she strives to bring exceptional, high quality, effective, all natural and safe beauty products to the marketplace.

Here, she chats to us at House of Coco about her brand, plans for the future and more…

When did you launch the brand and what was the reason behind it?
Brioche BabyTM was launched internationally in July 2015. We are just months young and the buzz and response has been incredible! People are seeking us out because there is nothing like us on the market. Unlike so many nail and cuticle treatments out there that disappoint and you end up throwing away, our product actually works! It mends brittle nails and tames unruly cuticles in just days!

After the birth of my son at 39, I struggled with the start of lines in my skin, and the loss of hydration from head to toe. All of a sudden, everything seemed to be dry! But my most visible problem was my nonstop and relentless splitting nails that would not mend. Embarrassed and self-conscious, and knowing that hands are one of the first things people notice about you, I tried everything in the marketplace but nothing helped. I had to find a solution and I turned to myself to figure it out. After much trial and error with ingredients, I found the best and most effective nail treatment recipe that started to visibly work in just days! My yellow, brittle, peeling nails became pink and stopped peeling, and my nail polish actually stayed on for more than 2 days, which at the time, seemed like a miracle! Brioche BabyTM Nail and Cuticle Repair Daily Treatment Oil was born and I had to bring it to the market to share with everyone! I want everyone to be a Brioche BabyTM Girl!

Why can’t you just use a cream to moisturize your nails and hands?
The best moisturisers are only as good as the oils in them, so skip the creams and let the oils do their magic! Creams just sit on the skin and although they create a good moisture barrier, they will not penetrate the nail bed to hydrate and mend deep down. Although Brioche BabyTM Nail and Cuticle Repair Daily Treatment Oil is a 2 week treatment, it’s also a daily hydration treatment system to keep your nails and hands looking gorgeous and young everyday.

Why do you call your nail treatment skincare for hands and feet?
We should not ignore our hands. We spend so much money on skincare for the face but your hands give away your age! To make your hands look young and beautiful, you need to hydrate and treat them with the right ingredients. You need skincare for your hands.

Brioche BabyTM is skincare, and it’s all about the ingredients and the way you apply it. Brioche BabyTM Nail and Cuticle Repair Daily Treatment Oil is a luxurious blend of jojoba and argan oils which are known for their anti-aging antioxidants, and their hydrating and repairing properties. Because these particular oils are recognized by the nail and the skin, they penetrate deep down to do the work. You apply the treatment to the nail, cuticle and under the nail on the free edge, and then you rub it in all over your skin like a you would rub in a moisturizer, so that your hands and feet get to enjoy these lush ingredients and their benefits. It’s skincare for nails, hands and feet…and yes, it’s for toes too!


What’s your Background?
I have an MBA and a background in Biology and Biochemistry. Working with ingredients in the lab to create Brioche BabyTM Nail and Cuticle Repair Daily Treatment Oil was fun for me…like second-nature.

Why was natural and organic so important to you?
Knowing that 60% of what goes onto your skin ends up in your body, I’ve always been a believer in all things natural, non-toxic, and organic. Have you seen some of the ingredients in skincare and cosmetics? It’s scary. You can’t even pronounce some of the ingredients and who knows what you’re absorbing and what they are doing to you over time! Natural and organic was the only choice for us.

What are your company values?
Our whole company is based on the values of Natural, Organic, Safe and Healthy. We care about what goes into your skin and into your body, so we create healthy and safe products that actually work.

Powerful Results. Powered by Nature.™

NATURAL INGREDIENTS: We say NO to harmful and yucky parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, petroleum, fragrance, gluten.

ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: We choose certified organic ingredients from certified organic suppliers.

NO ANIMAL TESTING: We test on ourselves not on our pets or on any animal.

PRODUCT PACKAGING: We choose glass to minimize plastics leaching into products and potentially making them harmful.


Tell us one fact that people wouldn’t know?

People have no idea why I called the brand Brioche BabyTM. Some even think it’s a baby brand. I tell them that Brioche BabyTM is not a baby brand, that we are 100% grown up.

When coming up with name, of course, I was looking for something original. I tried to think of all the things in life that are all at once golden, buttery, decadent, rich, just like our oils, and brioche bread came to mind. Then I imagined our oils pampering you like a baby and giving you baby-soft hydrated skin. That’s how the name Brioche BabyTM came to be.

To date, what has been the highlight since launching?

I must say, it’s been the incredible response from people who have tried Brioche BabyTM. People have been emailing and thanking Brioche BabyTM, sharing their success stories how their nails stopped breaking and became pink again, how their polish holds better, and how they are thrilled to stop wearing artificial nails. Some women have even emailed stories about how they gave it to their husbands for their toes because they were tired of their husband’s toes snagging the sheets or scratching their legs in bed. I enjoy and appreciate all the stories that are shared with me, and feel very privileged.

In future, how do you plan on expanding the brand?

After much success with Brioche Baby™ Nail and Cuticle Repair, the Brioche Baby™ brand is now recognized as a luxurious and effective treatment oil hydration brand with targeting natural and organic plant-based ingredients. Brioche Baby™ is growing and expanding to treat the individual hydration needs of different body parts, head to toe.

The rest is history.

The best placed for a coffee?

I’m a tea girl, but I do occasionally enjoy a good cup of coffee. The best place for coffee is my place! We use an Italian stove-top espresso maker to brew the most excellent cup of Cuban coffee, a coffee brand called Cubita that we discovered on our honeymoon in Cuba. Just delicious!

Statement shoe?

In a perfect world where stilletos are comfortable enough to plow through your whole day in, my statement shoe is anything Manolo Blahnik. But in my busy world, I’m running around and juggling between being a mom and an entrepreneur and my signature shoe is Fly London wedges. I can go all day and my feet never hurt. Thank you Fly London for the snazzy wedges and for all the compliments I get.

Most memorable piece of advice given to you?

“Feel the fear, and do it anyways”. Someone once told me that when I was hesitating to take a risk. That really stuck with me and now, that’s how I go through life.

Where can people find out more?

Brioche BabyTM is pleased to e-meet you at

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