Golf buggies have often been used in the past by older players, but nowadays, they have become the norm for golfers of all ages looking to enjoy the benefits of no longer needing to lug around a golf bag on their backs. Golf buggies don’t just relieve your back; there are several benefits to using a buggy during a round of golf. Once you discover the advantages for yourself, you’ll never want to go back to carrying your bag again. In our guide, you will learn how to carry golf clubs on a scooter also, we’ve detailed some of the top benefits of golf buggies and why so many golfers have added them to their essential gear.

Improved Safety

Medical experts believe that it is far better for your health when you use a golf buggy instead of lugging around your clubs when you’re on the green. The weight of carrying your clubs on your back places a significant amount of compressive force on your spine, which can lead to poor posture as well as other back issues. As you lift and drop your bag during a round more than 100 times, the weight of the golf bag can cause a great deal of torsional stress on the spin. This spinal stress can potentially lead to a lifetime of back issues. A proper golf swing can be tough on the back already, and adding to the pressure by lugging around a golf bag can leave you with many back, neck and shoulder issues later in life. Using a golf buggy will save your back and keep you fresh throughout a round of golf, which will enable you to remain flexible and pain-free while conserving energy. If you’re looking for an excellent range to find the perfect one for your check out Hillside Buggies for their exceptional choice of golf buggies.

Play Better

Many studies have shown that players that use a buggy rather than carrying a golf bag on their backs shoot lower scores. Golf buggies allow your body to contribute all of its energy towards playing golf, which improves your score and leads to a better round. Those walking the course with golf bags on their backs often find themselves more physically exhausted, which could add strokes to their score.

More Storage

Typically, most golf bags don’t have the room for extra items, and you may end up carrying more than one bag to bring your phone, water bottle, spare jacket, scorecard, or any other items with you when you play a round. When you use a golf buggy, you can store as many items as you need alongside your golf bag so that you can focus on the course and not how much you’re carrying on your back.

Saves Energy

Most golf courses are between 10 to 12 kilometres, and walking this distance while lugging a golf bag on your back can be exhausting. Golf is a game that uses all of your muscles, soft tissue, and joints. The swing of a golf club uses a significant amount of energy every time you shoot, and carrying a golf bag, which weighs around 10kg, can sap you of the necessary energy you need to have the best round possible.


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