Berlin on a Budget

Here’s some advice to help you discover the historical places and buzzing night life of Berlin with less than £200 in your bank.

Although Berlin ranked 22 in The Economist’s Intelligence Unit’s survey for Europe’s most expensive cities, it definitely has a cheap side to it and from our experience it’s very affordable if you plan it the right way.

Flights and Accommodation

According to an analysis by Expedia, booking one month in advance is when you will find the lowest rates. It’s also about where you stay. Something basic like a hostel or budget hotel if you are wanting to keep it cheap. Hostels are great because it gives you a chance to meet other people who are also travelling and they are so cheap! Adlershof is the cheapest area in Berlin for accommodation with a hostel costing £26 per night. Skyscanner is a helpful website to use for booking flights. They have a graph of the best time to book for a specific destination. They also compare all airline prices and recommend the cheapest. An average return ticket is usually around £40 depending on the airport you fly from.

Travelling around

You can travel around Berlin to any place, at any time for 7.70 Euros. There are ten train stations in the city so there’s always a way to get from place to place. On week days the trains run until 1am and begin again at 4.30am and on weekends the trains run 24 hours. So no matter how late it is you can always catch a train. A day ticket for all zones is so much cheaper than paying a huge amount and having to haggle down taxis. Also once in the city centre zone it’s ideal for travellers to walk everywhere, discover new places and view the beautiful landscapes and tourist attractions. Use a map – it’s free!

Sight seeing

There are so many extraordinary buildings and places to visit in Berlin that have years of history behind them – most are free! The Brandenburg Gate, Memorial to the Murdered Jews, East Side Gallery, Mauerpark, Museum Island and the Berlin wall are all free. The famous Reichstag building is also free of charge, but you need to register in advance for admission into the building. Surprisingly, some museums have free entry including Anti-War Museum, German-Russian Museum and Young People’s Museum.

Eating out

Berlin is a very cheap place considering it’s a city. You don’t have to eat out for every meal, as that would be rather expensive. To save money visit the Mauerpark for a homemade picnic or grab some street food from the markets. There are times when you probably do want to dine in a nice restaurant. Berlin has a vast range of cuisines from Thai to their very own German style grub. Chupenga serves Mexican food where you can get a main course and drink for 9 euros or grab a burger for 3.50 euros from Burgermeister, an outdoor restaurant below U-Bahn tracks. Fast food, restaurants and shops that are located inside train stations will be a lot more expensive. TIP: You can trade in plastic water bottles at supermarkets for 20 cent in return.

Bars and night clubs
A lot of night clubs have an entry fee because they are very unique and exclusive. This can range between anything from 5-15 euros. It’s very rare to come across a night club that has a no charge entry. One free techno club that stands out is, Sub War Gestern. However, If you want to experience a once in a life time night club it’s worth the charge! The entry fee most of the time depends on the line up of DJ’s. Make sure to check out the club’s website or Facebook page beforehand to check who is playing. It may give you a clue of an entry price and they may have some offers on. There are bars in Berlin, but not so much lively, if you’re looking for a fun time, night clubs are the best option. It’s a good idea to pre drink at bars, as they always have offers on cocktails and alcoholic drinks are very cheap.

A weekend in Berlin for £168
– Return flights from £34
– City centre hostel £26 per night
– Train ticket 7.70 euros (£6.75)
– A tour of Reichstag building from 14 euros (£12.25)
– Budget breakfast 3.20 euros (£2.80)
– Dining out at a budget restaurant 9 euros (£7.90)
– Fast food restaurants from 3.50 euros (£2.80)
– Night club entry 5-15 euros (£13)
– 5l Beer 4.90 euros (£4.30)

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