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Best Christmas Movies to Watch this Year

Best Christmas Movies to Watch this Year

Christmas is the season when you are to make merry, party and relax after a busy year.

November 20th, 2017

Christmas is the season when you are to make merry, party and relax after a busy year. While most of the TV stations will be airing Christmas related content, you don’t have to worry because Plush Casino has got a lot of Christmas-themed games to offer you this festival. You, however, should go for the latest and best releases with content to give you the festive spirit that everyone needs.

The following are hints that you can use in selecting the movies that will complete your 2017 Christmas experience.

It’s A Wonderful Life

It is one of the classics that will never lose its popularity. Festive themes that will keep you entertained. They revolve around bankruptcy, suicidal thoughts and sibling death. The suspense will make you want to watch it uninterrupted. If you are a knowingly sentimental person, then this is the Xmas movie for you.

The Santa Clause

The title tells you that it’s Christmas time. Tim Allen as The Santa Clause graces your living room with his hilarious act that takes you through the festive fantasy. Here, he plays as a dad who became a Santa accidentally. It’s a great movie to watch together with your family, as you all follow Allen’s mischief because all know for a fact that he is not the Santa.


It is a modern classic that was released back in 2003, but still has the vivacity to keep you glued to your TV screen to the end. No matter how many times you watch this movie, the humour that Will Ferrell has will make it seem like it’s always the first time you are watching it. His act is a man who was brought up as a rowdy elf, who eventually meets his true dad. It’s a movie that you have to include in your collection.

The Holiday

It’s a movie for the lovers. If you have a partner, then this is one piece that you won’t want to miss in your collection. Instead of getting busy on your day to day activities, the movie will keep you together as you follow the action from star power made up of Jack Black, Kate Winslet and Jude Law.

Polar Express

For those with love for animations, this movie is a no miss. Watch the belief in the kid’s determination for a great Christmas. With Tom Hanks’ voice-over, you are set to tune your Christmas mood perfectly for the Xmas eve.

Die Hard

Who doesn’t love Bruce Willis? The 1980s star can also give you the right Christmas performance. Acted in 1988, he plays against a beefy cop by the name John McClane who is determined to save Nakatomi Plaza from Alan Rickman. The dramatic appearance of a man with a beard out of the chimney is just one of the suspense that this movie offers.

Miracle on 34th Street

A movie that has been redone in different versions must be a classic. It started back in 1947, 1955 and then in 1994. The theme has never changed though, but the latest will grip your attention seriously. The no-nonsense consumer business woman’s belief in Father Christmas is rejuvenated, and the outcome will make you smile.

These and many other movies will keep you busy over the festivities. Just step out there and get your copies. In case, if you’re bored of watching movies, then you also have a better choice of playing casino games online by grabbing some amazing offers and get a chance of winning big this Christmas! Hurry up.

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