Do you think you will finally punch your teacher in the face if you hear the word test prep or GPA again? Do you feel like a scatterbrain on the verge of a mental breakdown from the endless assault of academic responsibilities? Fear no more. We know the feeling and have a solution!

Student travel programs are an accessible way of blowing off steam and treating yourself with enriching experiences. Designed for students, they are usually cheaper and include an education component, like cultural emersion and local language study among natives.

People have varying preferences and interests, but with so many alternatives to choose from nowadays, there has got to be a travel program for everyone. Check out our list of the best student travel programs we could find online.

Rustic pathways

Rustic pathways make sure you fully engage in local culture and end your travels as a citizen of the world! They understand and apply the vision that says that traveling is less about sightseeing and more about making cross-cultural bonds and forming meaningful connections.

They offer a wide range of specialized tours for people of all interests. The varietal choice of tours includes prolonged single-place visits as well as multiple destination programs.

Go Overseas

Have you grown tired of seeing Sistine Chapel or Mona Lisa only on Google images?

Or learning about art history and ancient monuments strictly on paper? Go overseas focuses on providing refined and cultured travel experiences for students. With Go overseas, visiting historically significant sites will be valuable even if you have been there before, as they are not just going to show you things but also teach you about them.

The constant stream of positive reviews from satisfied customers found on their website, as well as on independent review sites, reflects the quality that this service offers.

You can find more than 100 programs to choose from on their website.

Academic Programs International

Academic programs international offers student tours all around Europe, as well as more exotic destinations like Ecuador and Costa Rica. Their tour options vary from summer programs to more extended trips geared towards gap year students. You could even delegate some of your assignments to ‘do my research paper’ services to sneak in a quick getaway mid-semester.

UN Volunteers

Volunteering provides a noble opportunity to travel with a higher purpose.

This is a meaningful travel option that allows you to incorporate productivity and selfless help into relaxation. As the name implies, UN volunteers is a United Nations program. They can bring you around the world to experience exotic destinations while helping out underdeveloped communities.

Smithsonian Student Travel

Smithsonian student travel has been active and popular for years. Their tours range from 14 to 24 days and offer experienced trip leaders and tour guides with years of experience and country-specific knowledge. Their programs are open-minded and flexible, able to adapt to individual preferences and interests. They give much thought and attention to really allowing their customers to dive deep into what a country has to offer instead of simply coasting by cliche tourist attractions. Smithsonian has long been a highly popular choice among high schoolers and college students alike.

Travel for teens

Travel for teens specializes in making your journey educational and meaningful.

They offer activities for any interest – you can learn photography, improve your creative writing skills, and engage in sports or other recreational activities. It’s always a constructive approach to mix some productivity with pleasure, and if that’s the mindset you have, you can’t go wrong with Travel for teens!

Final thoughts

Covid has severely impeded worldwide travel, but with the pandemic dialing down, at last, you can finally pack your bag and hit the road once again!

Student years are all about new experiences, and nothing expands and diversifies your worldview more than traveling. As a student, your travel opportunities are limited by time and finances, so we hope our list helps you pick a travel program that fits you best.

Joanne Elliot is a passionate traveler and a photographer. She has recently taken up blogging to share her interesting travel experiences with others. She has already inspired many from her online community to follow her example and join in on the romantic and enlightening hobby of traveling!


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