Dogs can experience anxiety just like humans. Sometimes when a dog gets hyperactive, it can get overwhelming for owners. They can bounce off the walls, wanting to play with you when you want to sit and relax after a long day. Dogs can get overstimulated if they experience separation anxiety, and the noises of loud fireworks or thunderstorms can make them uncomfortable. In situations like these, it can get challenging to soothe them. Learn effective techniques on How To Relax Your Dog.

What are the best dog-calming ideas?

It would help if you always observed your dog’s behaviour as they used body language to tell you how they feel. If your pup is overactive for some reason, you should be aware of ways to calm them down. Here are some ideas that can help you along the way

Establish consistency and routine

A routine helps to make a dog feel secure. Disorganized schedules leave pets clueless and depressed as they fail to understand what is happening around them. Routine sets communication between you and your pet, creating a general sense of well-being while building trust. Suppose you feed your dog twice a day; they will look forward to those meals at given times.

Create their own space

Who does not like a little corner of their own? Giving your pet their private space, like their own bed, can be great as they can always go there to calm down, rest, and recharge themselves. Pets are familiar with their beds; they tend to feel comfortable and at ease while sitting or relaxing.

Offer massage or acupuncture

It is a known fact that massage helps to reduce anxiety and stress. It increases circulation and decreases pain, all while strengthening the bond between you and your furry friend. Massage improves body functions, acts as a healing aid, and promotes your dog’s overall well-being.

Dog supplements

Dog calming supplements have ingredients that promote relaxation, which helps to deal with anxiety. The efficiency of these supplements varies from dog to dog.

The usual ingredients found in dog supplements include L-theanine, which is believed to increase dopamine in the brain. Chamomile has mild sedative and anti-anxiety effects, and melatonin is a hormone that promotes relaxation and sleep.

Grooming and exercise

Going for a run or playing fetch can also be a good way to calm down a hyper dog; this will help alleviate the extra energy. Exercise helps to decrease negative behaviour like chewing, strengthens joints, allows your pup to act on their instincts, provides them with mental stimulation, and prevents obesity. Dogs receive endorphins after exercise that lets them feel a natural high and remain happy. There are many ways your dog can exercise. Take them hiking with you or when you go out to cycle; dogs will love the fresh air just as much as you. Another great way is swimming, as most dogs love water. It is playful and healthy at the same time.

Dog calming products to consider

When pet owners struggle to figure out how to calm an anxious dog, using a handful of dog-calming products can come to the rescue. Buying a calming dog bed for your dog is one of the best ways to soothe them. It helps the dog to sleep more peacefully and reduces stress and anxiety. Prefer buying a hypoallergenic one that is machine-washable. Some other products you can consider are vet-approved supplements to relieve anxiety, calming diffusers, a treat ball to help distract your dog, a classic toy they can grab when they feel anxious, and a white noise machine to block away loud sounds that may scare your dog.

It is rightly said that raising or playing with a dog can act as therapy for man, but if your pup needs you to soothe them down on tough days, do not shy away from comforting them and providing them with the best calming products.

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