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Best Engagement Ring for Men in Mckinney

Best Engagement Ring for Men in Mckinney

Can men wear engagement rings? Men also get engagement rings. In today’s society, women are open to proposing to their partners and same-sex marriage has been allowed.

February 4th, 2022

Can men wear engagement rings? Men also get engagement rings. In today’s society, women are open to proposing to their partners and same-sex marriage has been allowed. Therefore engagement rings for men have been trending. Engagement rings were available 100 years ago but they were just made of simple metals. As years pass by they are now catching up with the trend of women’s engagement rings. You can choose a variety of unique wholesale engagement rings from Mckinney.

Different Men’s Engagement Rings

There are several kinds of men’s engagement rings but not as many as women’s. Therefore it is easier to choose.

Classic Metal Engagement Rings

These are perfect for people who prefer traditional designs. These kinds of rings come in simple band designs. They don’t have stones in them, the bands are either smooth or curved to make them more appealing.

Textured Men’s Engagement Ring

For this type of ring, there are two kinds: polished or brushed. Combinations can also be made. Fusing both designs can give it a more appealing look. Diamonds or other stones can also be added to make it more elegant.

Black Metal Engagement Ring

This type of design can be perfect to boost up men’s masculine look. Metals used for these types are usually platinum or tungsten. These rings are ideal for a modern and industrial look.

Factors to Consider in Choosing Men’s Engagement Ring


If you want a durable ring, choosing the right metals can be ideal. There are several metals used for men’s engagement rings. Gold is the most popular one since they are resistant to tarnish, rust and corrosion. Gold comes in many shades such as yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold. IOn choosing which one matches your partners. One that matches his skin tone can be a good basis. Platinum can also be one of the options apart from gold. It’s white and can match diamonds as well as make it more sparkly.

Band Width

For men’s engagement rings they are better if they are thicker. 8mm wide is ideal for masculine hands. However other bandwidths are available since not all men are into thick rings. Observe your partners’ preference on the pieces of jewelry they wear so you can have an idea of whether they like it thick or thin.

Rings Size

The exact ring size can make the ring more impressive since this can show that you know your partner’s size. Wearing a ring that is not too loose and not too tight can make it convenient for the wearer. So knowing the size of your partner matters most when you are shopping for an engagement ring. When buying online check on the ring sizing guide to have an idea of what fits your partner.


Choosing Texture

To cater to all customers preferences you can choose from several textures for your engagement ring:

  • High Polish

This texture has a shiny and reflective surface. This is perfect for men who are not using their hands often for work since they can get scratched easily.

  • Matte Finish

This can give a more relaxed look. They may not be shiny but still attractive.

  • Sand-blasted

This has a rough look good enough to hide any scratch. Perfect for people who work with their hands a lot.

  • Hammered

This has a rustic and natural look. This feature has a hammered metal band with smooth edges.

  • Engraved

These designs vary from Celtic patterns to herringbone. Different designs are made to be able to fit any of the customer’s preferences.

When choosing an engagement ring, getting your partner’s preference matters most. It will make the proposal even more exciting. Choosing men’s engagement rings is so far easier compared with women so make sure to get the perfect fit for your partner. Engagement events are special so make your ring special too. Let your partner know how much you value them by choosing an engagement ring that is closest to their character. One will surely be impressed once they get a ring that fits their personality. Make that moment memorable and let them know you want what’s best for them by giving them a ring that contains all their preferences. Visit several jewelry shops to choose the best engagement ring for men in Mckinney.



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