You know that a key to success in hosting a wonderful party is the food. When we have limited money to spend but we don’t want to come off as a cheapskate by saving up on the party food and ruining the party experience of guests, it becomes challenging to come up with quality party food. Even if we have hired a catering company, sometimes we cannot save money. fortunately, there are many recipes that you can prepare at a very low cost and are also savoury. This post is all about some budget-friendly party food ideas:

Baked potatoes:

If you want to feed a large group of people at a party, potatoes can be the best option for you to start with. Potatoes are one of the most economical vegetables that you can cook in bulk to serve people at the party. Baked potatoes with the topping of cheese and sour cream are appetizing enough to make everyone fall in love with the food. Bake them in a baking oven for 20 minutes and then make the topping of your choice. If you want a healthy food to be served, go with the topping of veggies.

Banana bread:

Banana bread can be the best choice to make a budget-friendly dessert. Choosing a sweet dish to feed on guests at the party is a big challenge. Banana bread is usually the best dish for people of every age group. Furthermore, it is very easy to make because most of the ingredients of this dish are already present in your pantry. To tantalise the taste buds of guests with a captivating look, use butter or margarine and enhance the taste.


For all the seafood lovers on a tight budget who want to throw a luxurious party with a low budget, preparing oyster food is the best option. The cheapest way to cook oyster is to broil it in butter and then fry it in the pan with lobster, hot and spicy sauce and cream. Serve this delicious seafood dish with boiled rice and red wine. This recipe is the most savoury food item of the party with a small group of people. Place an order of oysters at the website of Oyster Seafood-Fish Me.

Fruit salad:

Feeding your guests with nutritious food is the best thing a caring host can do for his guests. Fruit salad is not just nutritious but also very budget-friendly that fulfils the sweet cravings with its delectable taste. All you need to do is find budget fruits and chop them into small pieces and then mix them in a sugar and cream mixture. You can also add some vegetables such as capsicum and cabbage to enhance the taste

The bottom line:

Since a budget party is your preference, go with budget-friendly dishes but don’t forget to keep more than 2 dishes on the menu instead of keeping one expensive dish. Make your guests enjoy the party with wholesome food while saving up on the large amount of money at the same time.


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