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Best Fragrance Launches Of 2021 So Far

A round-up of the best fragrance launches of 2021 so far. From Louis Vuitton to Parfums de Marly.

In less than five days, we’re half way through 2021. If you feel like you’ve blinked and 6 months have gone by fast, you’re not the only one. Instead of panicking about how fast the year has gone. Now is the time to focus on the positives that have occurred so far this year. You may have started a new morning routine and stuck with it. You may have finally finished that book that was on your list or you may finally have mastered the art of baking. You may have started your own business or you may have simply taken the last few months for some well needed R&R before the inevitable return to reality.

However, you spent your time, it was not wasted and some good things have happened this year. Covid Vaccination roll-outs, Trump banned from Twitter, Kamala Harris became the first female and black Vice-President of the United States, the UK’s largest solar farm got its funding, Beyoncé became the most-awarded woman in Grammy history and finally in the UK, we can hug each other again.

A brief overview that gives a very diverse range of happenings but when you look at different sectors each one has it’s own positives. For example, the fragrance industry has thrived, people have turned to their basic instincts as they prioritise their wellbeing. The sense of smell has been one of them. For fragrance lovers, the creation of new fragrances has been a positive and something to look forward to. With that said, find an area you’re passionate about and look at the positives from that industry. Each will have their own scandals that take the forefront of news but when you delve deeper you can see the positives too.

So, #TeamCoco has had a look at just some of the best fragrance launches from 2021. That are the perfect addition to any fragrance collection and remind you of the positives,, every time you spritz.

Louis Vuitton: On the Beach

In a time when travel is limited it’s no wonder that brands are creating fragrances that transports us to idyllic places. Louis Vuitton’s latest fragrance transports us to the beach. A Citrus Aromatic fragrance created by perfumer Jacques Cavallier. On the Beach is a unisex scent that opens with a citrusy top note of neroli before dissolving into the unusual heart notes of pink pepper and sand before entering a dry down of Cypress.

Bulgari: Riva Solare Eau de Parfum

This year Bvlgari launched their colourful Allegra collection which offers fragrance combining and layering. With the intent of expressing the Italian Dolce Vita through scent Jacques Cavallier created a light clean scent. Riva Solare Eau de Parfum is a scent that in intimate settings works well but in the open, it subtly lingers on the skin. If you wish to layer the scent, then opt for one of the other four fragrances in the collection or to enhance it choose one of the five magnifying essences curated specifically for that want.

Maison Francis Kurkdijan: Aqua Celestia Cologne Forte

Celestia Cologne Forte is no Baccarat Rouge; however, this cologne has something captivating about it. For a luxury and niche fragrance house this fragrance is a little more mass appealing, yet it stands out from the crowd. Opening with notes of blackcurrant and bergamot, before enveloping into middle notes of mimosa and jasmine, the scent closes and dries down with musk. Creating a beautiful unisex scent, yet with it being a cologne, top ups throughout the day are essential.

Parfums De Marly: Delina La Rossée

Quentin Bisch is the perfumer behind Parfums de Marly Delina La Rosée. Top notes of litchi, pear and bergamot are encompassed by heart notes of peony and Turkish rose before drying down into base notes of white musk and Haitian vetiver. The outcome is an aquatic floral and feminine fragrance that can be worn anytime, anywhere. A scent that embodies Parfums de Marly’s commitment to providing luxury, high quality fragrances.