There’s nothing as exciting for a teen as their first Spring Break holiday. Conversely, the whole experience can be stressful for the parents left back at home.

If your teen has an upcoming holiday, it’s worth it to get them gifts to ensure they have a fun (and safe) trip. Here are the best gifts for your teen for their first Spring Break holiday.

A New Camera

Getting your teen a new camera is the most thoughtful thing you can buy them before their grand adventure. What type of camera is dependent on their interests and the nature of their trip.

Most teens love the portability and retro feel of a new-age polaroid camera, as seen here:

For those who want to take Instagram-worthy images and pursue photography as a hobby, a mirrorless or compact digital is ideal. You can find great ones on this website:

A Portable Phone Charger

If you want your teen to call home every day, you had better get them a portable phone charger. Between listening to music at the beach and sending Snapchats of their travels to friends, their battery life will wear out before they do.

A Travel Journal

A travel journal is an amazing way to capture the highlights of the trip to look back on throughout the ages. A photo may capture memories, but words capture how things felt in a way images never will.

Collapsible Water Bottles

Whatever the activity, it’s essential to stay hydrated on Spring Break. Having a few collapsible water bottles to throw in their bag will keep your teen hydrated on the plane and in the sun.

Custom Luggage or Tags

Getting custom luggage or tags to help your teen identify their bag is amazing for when they travel in groups. Get eye-catching tags that are easy to pick out in a crowd. If you want to get custom luggage with your face on it to keep them on their toes, no one is judging.

A Fanny Pack

Believe it or not, fanny packs are not only back, but they’re also peak fashion now. Grab a couple for your teen so they can keep their hands free for Spring Break festivities.

A Smartphone Tripod

Say goodbye to blurry photos with a smartphone tripod. Now you’ll be able to see the beautiful surroundings rather than close-up selfie after selfie.

Bluetooth Speakers

There’s nothing better than listening to your favorite tunes while frolicking in the sand. Get your teen a Bluetooth speaker so they can blast their favorites while playing volleyball and hanging out with friends.

Subscriptions to Streaming Services

Wifi isn’t always available when traveling. Get your teen subscriptions to their favorite streaming services so they can download entertainment on the go. Think beyond Disney+ and Netflix. Spotify is a great music app, and Audible or Kindle Unlimited will keep them reading on vacation.

Travel Games

Travel versions of board games are solid gold when traveling on Spring Break. Get a couple card games, travel Yahtzee, and even magnetic checkers for your teen to use on the plane, the beach, or the hotel room during downtime.

Hands-on STEM Kits

Sometimes, teens just want to chill and listen to music while browsing their phones. Sometimes, they want to change the world with their ingenious ideas. If you have an exceptionally clever, creative, and driven teen, consider getting them hands-on STEM kits, so they can unleash all that passion, talent, and knowledge into a productive outlet to develop their skills and themselves.

These thoughtful gifts are what your teen needs to take their first Spring Break vacation to the next level.


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