Natural deodorants need to work just as well as their non-natural counterparts in keeping bad smells at bay. So I tried and tested several to see which scored highly in three categories. Being good for the environment, good for our bodies and good for the smell-test. And so, here are the three very best natural deodorants.

1. The Natural Deodorant Co.

This is genuinely one of my favourite deodorant brands. Why? Because their pots of goodness smell great, work well and have no nasties. It’s because of my love of coconut that coconut + shea is my favourite flavour. But orange + bergamot and lemon + geranium smell fabulous too.

There is no aluminium or alcohol. Instead, they are filled with natural fruit oils and herbs. What’s more, they are totally eco-friendly with plastic-free packaging and vegan to boot.

Buy at Photo and cover image: @naturaldeoco.

2. Salt of the Earth

Mother and son team Sally and Thomas created Salt of the Earth because there were not enough great natural deodorants out there. Now they have sprays and roll-ons galore.

There is a lot to explore but I recommend their plastic-free Crystal Stick. That’s because I have had mine for over a year now and it is still going strong. It does not leave white marks, it is eco-friendly and it is totally natural. Meaning, it leaves no bad chemicals on the skin, just natural minerals.

Buy at Photo: @saltoftheearthdeodorant.

3. Aesop Herbal Deodorant Roll-On

Aesop uses alcohol-free herbal blends to make delicious deodorants. And I mean delicious! Ingredients like wasabi extract and vetiver cover bad odours.

As a result, each deodorant is effective and natural. They come in cute brown glasses to keep the product inside from harmful UV rays. And this one worked on my pits for a really long time. In the end, it is like a perfume and a deodorant wrapped into one. Highly recommended.

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