Are you trying Veganuary for a healthy, sustainable start to 2021? The last thing you want is to feel tired or depleted. Resident vegan Rachael Lindsay recommends the best nature-based supplements to get you through the month.

Together Health Vegan Multi

If you take just one supplement, make it this one. It contains vitamin B12, which is most commonly found in meat, dairy and fish. And it’s possible that most vegans who do not take supplements are deficient as it is so difficult to get this vitamin from plants.

This multi-vit also contains calcium, iron and iodine which are all vital for your health. Everything is from plant sources in concentrate so you don’t need to worry about vitamin depletion.

Naturelo Vitamin D3

Lots of us are deficient in vitamin D even if we are not vegan. Vitamin D3 is hard to get from vegan sources. And even harder in the winter months when there isn’t much sunshine.

Most vitamin D3 supplements come from a form of sheep’s wool so are not vegan. But this supplement from Naturelo is totally vegan with easy-to-swallow capsules made from wild-harvested lichen.

MyVegan Vegan Omega

Omega-3 is important for strong hair and skin. As well as good brain health and vision.

Non-vegans often take fish oil supplements which is not possible for Veganuary. That’s where MyVegan Vegan Omega comes in. Packed into little softgels, each supplements offers Omega-3 sourced from algae. That means they are sustainable and vegan. I recommend this as one of the best nature-based supplements around.

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