Kayak camping can be one of the most fulfilling and refreshing experiences for physical and mental peace. Paddling through lush nature and tranquil waters during the day, then resting under the stars at night, is something that will stay in one’s mind forever. Combining kayaking and camping into one grand adventure is perfect for a long trip from daily life. Here are five of the best kayak camping trips!

San Juan Islands

You can’t go wrong with the San Juan Islands if you’re looking for an incredible kayak camping experience that’s also accessible for beginners. The San Juan Islands is part of Washington state, near Seattle. During your kayak camping trip, you might see bald eagles, orcas, and sea lions as green firs and rocky coasts surround you.

Some islands offer cozy places to stay, making it easy to rest and recover in case you’re not used to kayak camping just yet. Trips can average around three days, but it is easy to prepare a different itinerary to suit you.

See the magnificence of orcas with your own eyes!

Haida Gwaii

Haida Gwaii is off the coast of British Columbia. The islands are a perfect escape from daily life as you journey into a different and unique world. It is a group of protected islands that preserve both the pristine nature and the history and culture of the Haida people.

Kayak trips to Haida Gwaii will lead through lush forests, old villages, and remote islands. There is no shortage of wildlife to see, with humpback whales, orcas, puffins, bald eagles, and many more calling the archipelago their home. Haida Gwaii kayak camping trips usually go for about eight days to fully immerse yourself in the world of the Gwaii Haanas National Park.

Paddle near the lush forests in the mist.

Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands is an archipelago of 127 islands and islets located off the coast of continental Ecuador. Touring the Galapagos Islands is a breathtaking trip for those who love sea kayaking and camping! The warm waters and pleasant weather are perfect for island exploration. Snorkeling in the clear waters will get you up close to turtles, fish, and Galapagos sharks! Kayak camping here can take around six days.

Drop by Galapagos to see these bright blue feet!

Loreto Bay Islands

The Islands of Loreto Bay is one of the gems of the Sea of Cortez. The sheer beauty of the nature around you is worth the vacation there alone. Turquoise waters, warm weather, and sandy beaches await those who come to paddle its seas. With such pleasant weather, you’re sure to feel comfortable even when kayaking at night. When going for night kayaking, it goes without saying that bringing reliable kayak lights will help you safely navigate in the dark.

Visiting the islands is the perfect opportunity to see blue-footed boobies, manta rays, and dolphins. You’ll also see countless colorful fish as you snorkel through the warm waters. Depending on the season, you might even be lucky enough to encounter blue whales! Trips can average at around four days but can be customized to suit your preferences.

Turquoise waters and sandy beacheswhat more can you ask for?

Baffin Island

Baffin Island is the largest island in Canada and home to innumerable wonders of nature. This kayak camping trip may be the most life-changing adventure for those who wish to experience the beauty of the Arctic wilderness. The island is home to polar bears, snowy owls, and arctic foxes. Narwhals sometimes venture close to the northern coast during summer. Numerous whales and seals also swim in these waters. You’ll be able to explore the isolated coves and shorelines, fully experiencing the remote nature of the north, for around 14 days.

Witness the remote beauty of Baffin Island on a kayak.

Kayak camping combines two superb ways to explore nature into one beautiful package. So pack all your kayak camping gear, not to mention including a top-quality kayak cup holder to keep you hydrated and fueled while paddling. With kayak camping, not only do you satiate your nature craving, but also you get to test your endurance. Consider some of these places the next time you plan your vacation. They’re sure to be worth your time!


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