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Best Summer Wines for You

Best Summer Wines for You

Its summer, it’s hot, and you want to go to the beach and have a nice splash in the sea.

July 1st, 2019

Its summer, it’s hot, and you want to go to the beach and have a nice splash in the sea. Meanwhile, some of us would prefer staying indoors since not every one of us like soaking in the hot and fiery sun. Both would be much more enjoyable with a nice glass of wine in hand, sipping the heat away with our favorite beverage. Most people would opt rosé over red since the weather is starting to heat up, which is understandable.

There is this notion that red wines are more suitable to drink in winter which is understandable. However, if red is your all-time favorite, you shouldn’t choose other wines since there are red wines that are suitable for the summer heat.

In reality, even in summer, as opposed to what a lot of people say, red wines have traits that are suitable even in the hot weather. Red wines are best when chilled at the right temperature, which is excellent if you want to ease the humidity of the air. Along with low tannin and alcohol levels, you could surely indulge a little bit more without getting wasted and missing out on all the fun in the sun.

But still, choosing the best wine would be bothersome and exhausting, after all, there are a lot of them out there, so here are a few suggestions for you to try in Sokolin’s Wine Rating.


With black cherry flavors with peppery-licorice flavors, along with a zesty finish, this wine is perfect for outside dining in a summer evening. This wine is also ideal for those people who don’t like fruity wines with a jammy texture.


Sipping this wine delight is a wonder to behold as its taste would make you think of blueberries, violet atmosphere, with a little bit of loamy sand, enough to make you feel of a luscious garden of berries. Along with an excellent taste and aroma, it could also come as affordable as the average price for a bottle is $20.


Imagine someone throwing in a bunch of red berries in a blender; the outcome would be a red and fruity flavor and texture. The taste of this wine is acidic with a floral aroma that could counter its boisterous cherry flavor.


This wine is a real masterpiece that came from Sicily, and still, it is underappreciated. The flavor is a mixture of candied oranges and raspberries with a low tannin level for easy drinking. This wine is a perfect pair for relaxing after having a fun time under the sun.

Nerello Mascalese

Another Sicilian treat with a lot of fruitiness and gritty texture, like the volcano where its grapes grow. This enjoyable delight has a severe tone into it, full with sour cherries, currants, and wild strawberries, this wine would surely be an adventure for you.


Typically made from Burgundy, this French wine is used for a well-known autumn wine that is Beaujolais Nouveau. Gamay is light to drink, and it appeals to a lot of aromas such as cherries, black peppercorns, and dried fruit.


This wine was made from a grape that was once commonly thought as a relative of pinot noir grape. This wonderful grape is often included in the mixture to create Rioja. When used solely to create wine, it produces lean wines and light. Cerro Anon Reserva and Rodei Tinto Rioja are great examples of wine made from the Tempranillo grape.


This intensely aromatic wine is created from a wine that is almost exclusively grown in the Piedmont region in Italy. The grape is used to create wines that are rich in flavor and taste like Barolo and also used to create lighter ones with big fruity flavors and spiciness.

Party Malbec

Made by an Argentinian winemaker Matias Riccitelli, this excellent wine was made with an unoaked style that emphasized on violet floral fragrance and black cherry flavors that is perfect with every meal with red meat in it. Summer is no excuse in missing out on the red meats, and what would possibly be a great companion in eating meats but having a great wine of Party Malbec in your glass after an exhausting but fun time on the beach with your friends and family.


Summer is a season of fun and adventure under the hot sun. After all the tiring activities like swimming in the sea, barbecue, road trips or even sunbathing, it would be nice if you have an excellent wineglass in your hand filled with your preferred red wine. Choosing the right wine would require you to do a lot of research and experimentation but at the end of the day, finishing a blissful day filled with fun with a perfect wine in your hands is the best.

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