While tangible business cards still have a use, many entrepreneurs are moving to virtual cards or vCards. A vCard saves you resources by letting a potential customer scan a QR code and be directed to a page that shows all your business information.

If you’re asking, “What is a vCard QR code?” it’s a link that you point your mobile device’s camera at, and you can then open a link to view some information. This technology has grown quite popular in recent years, being an economical way to spread your business information in both the physical and digital world.

So, if you need a vCard, how do you do this? One way is through a QR code generator.

Let’s look at nine sites. But if you’re busy, here are the top three:

1. ViralQR – the best truly free QR code generator for vCard.

2. OMY QR – a simple and effective generator.

3. QR CODE-Online – the best free static QR generator.

1. ViralQR – The Best Free vCard QR Code Generator

If you need to create a vCard QR code for free, Viral QR is our favorite. When you open the site, you’ll immediately see an option to create a vCard. You’ll then see a form to fill out basic contact details. You can fill out your name, phone, email, address, and company name and provide a summary of your company.

Then, you can choose between a dynamic or static code. If you’re new to custom QR codes, you may not know the difference. In short, static codes can’t be edited, while dynamic codes can. Dynamic ones may provide you with scan statistics as well, helping you to learn who is scanning your cards.

What we love about this service as well is that when you create vCard QR code, you can customize it. ViralQR gives you the option to add a frame, change its shape and color, and add a company logo.

Your business card design is always important when you wish to boost your networking efforts. Most professionals will want a link that stands out. ViralQR makes that easy. For example, if someone sees your business logo, they will be more inclined to scan it than a set of symbols that has nothing on it.

ViralQR is a free service if you create an account, but you must pay money if you wish to have a dynamic virtual contact card.

There is a 14-day free trial for each of its plans, letting you use it as a free service for a good while. The starter plan, which is only $4.99 monthly, gives you three dynamic codes, 10,000 scans, unlimited static types, analytics, and more design options.

QR code generator

The Lite plan, which is $9.99 monthly, gives you the above and also has 50 dynamic codes and unlimited scans.

The Advanced plan, $39.99 monthly, gives you 300 dynamic sets of symbols plus everything in the Lite plan.

The Pro plan gives you 500 dynamic kinds, everything in the previous plans, and gives you the option for personal support.

Finally, there’s an Enterprise plan, which is suitable for businesses with custom needs.

We like these plans, as they give small businesses plenty of room to grow without spending too much or anything at all. Then, the plans become scaleable for larger enterprises. Plus, you can save 70% if you choose the annual plan.

We would recommend trying out a plan, even if you use ViralQR as a static vCard QR code generator. For example, if you wish to add a QR code vCard with photo, you can do so with a paid plan, even with a static symbol frame.

When you purchase a plan, canceling it is easy should you not be satisfied. If you did not get what you were promised, requesting a refund is also simple. That’s another reason why we love this website. Its customer support is exceptional. If you have any questions about business card design or its vCard QR code creator in general, the team will get back to you pretty fast.

Finally, ViralQR has many other options. You can create it with a URL, text, email, SMS, Wi-Fi, Bitcoin wallet, socials, and more.

So, if you need to create personal QR code vCard, ViralQR is the way to go. It’s easy to make one and then give it to your customers.


We love ViralQR for its simplicity, but OMY QR also works great. This website allows you to generate quite a few links, including those for PayPal, Facetime, WhatsApp, and other applications. Its vCard gives you the option to fill out your basic contact details and more.

OMY QR is a free QR code generator for vCard, and its plans are robust. You can generate up to 5 vCard links and choose from several templates. There’s also a premium plan that gives you dynamic codes with up to 30 links. The premium plan is 1,100 INR or $13.19 USD.

That said, bigger businesses that need to create a personal QR code vCard have fewer options. Overall, this site does a great job.


3. QR Code-Online

This is another site that has a free QR code for vCard, and it’s quite simple. Once you land on the site, you can use its free QR code for vCard generator. You get to enter basic information and then customize the foreground and background colors. Its QR code vCard format options are not extensive, but they work if you don’t need anything fancy.

We should mention that this is the best QR code generator for vCard if you want something truly free. All you need to do is create an account and create your link. That said, it’s not a dynamic vCard QR code generator. As such, you cannot edit your cards or get more detailed analytics.

4. QRickit

If you need a quick vCard QR code maker, QRickit may be a good one. This is a free QR code vCard service powered by donations, so if you find yourself using it frequently, you may want to give them a donation.

With its form, you can fill out basic information, add optional text, and add some color to the text. Minor customization options, such as adding colors, backgrounds, and images to the frame, are also available. Overall, it’s a good platform if you’re in a pinch and need a quick QR code to vCard creator.

5. QR-Codes

If you wish to create it, this service also offers a good service. Like many of the sites on this list, it has an option for free static codes or dynamic pricing plans. The pricing plans range from basic and affordable to pricey plans for enterprises.

That said, this website does not advertise a vCard to QR code service. However, you can still enter your basic information on their set of symbols or send people to a link that gives them your information.


Program lets you generate codes without a scan limit or ads and also enables you to create vCard QR code free. Like QR-Codes, this website does not advertise a service that lets you convert vCard to QR code, but the frames you generate can still lead a person to your contact info.

RQRCODE has several plans, with free, premium, and business. While the plans aren’t as robust as some of its competitors, it does have a lifetime option. For example, you can pay $140 for its business plan and never have to pay it again.

QR code

7. GenQRCode

We’re back at websites that have a true vCard generator. Website gives you the option to generate several types, including PDFs, crypto, and WhatsApp. Its vCard generator lets you develop it as text, or if you want a dynamic electronic business card QR code, you can select this option as well.

This is a new site, and as such, it rewards people who make an account with free dynamic ones. You get ten free dynamic codes and up to 10k scans yearly. They plan to add paid features in the future. So, if you are in a pinch and need some dynamic codes for free, sign up.

That said, the dynamic set of symbols are not very customizable, so if you want it with more features, you may wish to use a paid service.

8. QR Code Generator

This site also lets you generate vCards and other types. With its vCard generator, you can add basic information. The site also gives you some customization options, including colors and a frame.

This is another fairly new site, and as such, it does seem as if there aren’t any paid options yet. While there are fewer ways to track, you may also want to sign up for this website ASAP if you’re in a pinch.

9. Kleap

Finally, there’s Kleap. This website lets you easily build a website and optimize it with SEO. Paid plans are available as well, with more expensive plans centered around bigger websites.

You may be asking what this has to do with creating an electronic business card with QR code. Well, Kleap did have a vCard QR code creator at some point. However, as of this writing, the page goes to a 404. The vCard creator may no longer be a service Kleap offers, or it could be down. We will update this section if Kleap restores this option. But if you’re planning on building a business website, Kleap may be a good option.


Final Thoughts

Growing a business can be challenging. One way to build clientele is to give them business cards. However, tangible business cards can be wasteful; you can’t update them, and they may not work in an online sphere. In a world where people love physical media, these cards may still be effective, but there’s a reason many are turning to vCards.

A vCard can provide information about your business through a scannable set of symbols. The nine sites listed above will help you create a link that is scannable, customizable, and provides enough information to a customer.

Best of all, many of these sites will be free to use. You may need to purchase a plan to get dynamic types or analytics, but these sites may offer plans for those on a small budget or offer free trials.

Overall, ViralQR is the best one for its many options and customizable codes. It also has several tracking analytics that will help your business thrive. So we recommend trying them first, then seeing if the others fit your needs. We hope this article was helpful to you.


What is the difference between a static and dynamic QR code vCard?

A static vCard QR code cannot be edited once published and cannot be tracked by users who scan it. Meanwhile, a dynamic vCard QR code can have its URL edited, and you can track and retarget users.

When you make vCard QR code, what information can you include?

The information you can include depends on which online vCard QR code generator you use. However, most platforms will let you create free vCard QR code that contains essential information, such as your name, job title, email, phone number, website, address, etc.

When I generate vCard QR code, can I add a photo?

If you want a vCard QR code with photo, you can do this through dynamic codes. A dynamic code generator requires a paid subscription, but it may be worth it for tracking users and adding more information to your vCard.

Does a vCard QR code generator let you customize the code?

Yes. Many sites will let you create QR code for vCard with a unique border, style, and more. For example, ViralQR lets you put your business logo in the customized link, making it stand out.

Can you make QR code for vCard that is editable?

Yes, but only if you purchase a paid subscription to use dynamic QR codes. Static codes are not editable. You may want dynamic type if your business is constantly changing or a work in progress.

What are the benefits of a QR code electronic business card?

A vCard is less wasteful and allows you to share contact details automatically. When someone scans the set of symbols via a mobile device, it’s saved to the phone. Meanwhile, tangible business cards can be lost, and they cannot have their contact info updated.

Can you create a vCard QR code that’s offline?

Yes! Since these cards contain basic contact details, it’s simple to create one that can be opened without a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.


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