Black Pudding is now being hailed as a ‘Superfood’

Who’d have thought it! The humble black pudding is now being hailed as a ‘superfood’ thanks to its nutritional benefits.

Black pudding is loaded full of goodness – protein, potassium, calcium and magnesium, as well as being practically carb free. It is also rich in iron and zinc – two minerals frequently missing from modern diets.

Darren Beale from said: “Some of the foods have been on the up for a while like avocado oil and maca root, but others like mushrooms and black pudding have been a total surprise to us.

Here are some pictured inspirational suggestions on how to serve black pudding…

Black pudding, spinach, potato, poach egg, bacon…

Black Pudding













Image - Tamsin Brooke-Smith ‏Twitter @tamsinloves


Black Pudding, pea puree, mint and scallops (Our fav!)










Image - Lisa Barwell -



Confit belly of pork stuffed with black pudding with braised red cabbage, mash and cider jus













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