Blow Your Hair Sassy With Vidal Sassoon

It’s not that we don’t like blow-drying our hair, it’s simply that we can’t seem to do it ourselves. Those bouncy curls the hairdresser creates that spark envy across females seem impossible to achieve in our own homes. The super sleek blow-dry that allows us to go frizz-free for a couple of days doesn’t even feel like our own hair because it feels and looks that good! At House of Coco we’ve searched high and low test-driving the blow-drying skills of hairdressers across the country to bring you only the best in the business.

Introducing the new blow-dry menu from the founding father of all great hair – Vidal Sassoon. The masters at the Sassoon Salon’s have created a pick’n’mix style menu to give us the luscious locks we crave: Signature Sassoon, Beach Wave, Glam Wave, Curly Wave, Loose Wave, Polished Wave, Voluminous & Dishevelled. Whether a Californian inspired beach wave is your calling or a 1940’s glam wave matches your vintage wiggle dress, Sassoon can create whatever image you desire. Each style includes a consultation with a stylist, head massage, shampoo & conditioner and starts from £35.

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We sent our Fashion Editor Rai Campbell to the Liverpool Sassoon Salon in the MetQuarter to try out their Blow-Dry experience.

‘I was excited to try something new and break the monotonous routine me & my hairdryer endure on a daily basis. I’d heard and read great things about the Vidal Sassoon history over the years, renowned for breaking the mould during the 1960’s with iconic shapes and styles. It was time for my hair to have a new lease of life.

The bright, airy salon in the MetQuarter was both stylish and a blank canvas for each creation. John, my stylist, talked me through each style available, and reassured me that despite not having the length to create Mischa Barton waves, we should focus on the shape of my blunt bob and create a great voluminous look. I happily agreed, eager to see what John could do.

Sassoon 4

I was shampooed, massaged and given a replenishing treatment to help my dry ends (eek!) I won’t lie, I was that relaxed after my massage, I was close to falling asleep at the sink. Back over to John and we discussed which products I usually use on my hair and which which he will add to achieve my look. It took just under an hour to give me bouncy, volume that sculpted the shape of my bob yet still allowed for movement and texture. I felt fantastic, so fantastic I was tempted to ring up the girls and plan a last-minute night out it looked that good. The overall experience was completely relaxing and the perfect little treat you need sometimes to take the stress out of getting ready for a big night, as well as the confidence boost we all need every once in a while. Thanks to John at the MetQuarter salon, and the whole Vidal Sassoon team for creating a look for every girls style and taste.’



The finished results on our Fashion Editor Rai.

To find your nearest Sassoon Salon or for more information on the blow-dry menu click here.

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