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Boardmasters 2014 Review

Boardmasters 2014 Review

If there's one thing that was clear from Boardmasters...

August 26th, 2014

If there’s one thing that was clear from Boardmasters… it’s that Boardmasters Music Festival and Boardmasters Sports Festival are definitely two completely different things.

The music festival is situated 4 miles outside of the centre of Newquay, or Fistral Beach which is where the sports takes place. Your camping is alongside the music as with any other festival. For House of Coco… this wasn’t a problem. We booked our tents with Tangerine Fields so had little to take and little to take away, plus we took our bikes, so the daily trips into Newquay were far more epic than the rammed full shuttle buses or the sweaty walk that some people made.

Now, depending on what kind of person you are and what you go to Boardmasters for you should definitely weigh up your ticket options.

If you’re into the sports and credible music… book up a hotel or B&B early (now!) for the centre of Newquay and buy tickets for the evening sessions to party apres sports. The other option is to do the music festival and spend most of your time up at Watergate Bay making the most of the stage entertainment.

We did a bit of both… and more!

As a House of Coco reader it is strongly suggested that you buy VIP in camping. It’s worth it in so many ways. The showers, the block of clean toilets and the very small amount of difference it made when it came to the crowd.

No, at Boardmasters we had the BEST time! We got on our bikes in the morning, rode down to watch the surfing and BMX competitions, paraded ourselves round like the King and Queen of Newquay and made friends with complete strangers every step of the way. We even got invited to a wedding that was happening whilst we were there!

One of the great things about Boardmasters is the amount of things you can experience. Rather than being stuck in the arena or campsite we spent the first night in the pub down at Watergate Bay playing pool before heading down to the beach with a bottle till morning.

The next day we watched the BMX competition (see rankings below), went surfing (in the tail end of Hurricane Bertha), spent more time drinking on the beach, climbing rocks and exploring caves, went into the festival for a bit and then back to the car to drink Champagne and make objects out of the clouds.

The next day, Sunday, was the day we’d planned on spending our time inside of the music festival… but it cancelled. Half of the campsite had already left but House of Coco was going nowhere! We headed to the car in the rain to pick up the bikes and set off on a windy journey down to Fistral for the surfing. As soon as we hit the centre of Newquay… glorious sunshine. We then spent the rest of the day playing ‘Beach day’ going to the arcades, down to the harbour and finding some seals, partying in the bars and buying take outs from Tesco to party back at the tent.

That was pretty much our Boardmasters. Amazing. We’ll definitely be back. Where else can you do all of those things? Beach, town, camping, live music and cool sports?

Get your early tickets now here. (Thursday to Sunday VIP camping is only £144!!!!!!) And book Tangerine Fields here.

A massive congratulations to all of the BMX Pro Comp Competitors! One of our best moments was watching the comp.

1st – Mark Webb
2nd – Declan Brookes
3rd – Tom Justice
4th – Jack Watts
5th – Jack Clark
6th – Cam Peake
7th – Luke Padgett
8th – Ollie Palmer
9th – Phil Aller
10th – Gaz Wilson
11th – Martyn Cooper
12th – Tom Isted
13th – Josh Crosswell
14th – Chris Czako
15th – Brock Horneman

Penny Lee

Penny Lee

Penny Lee is a true adventurer, often found wild swimming or throwing herself down a mountain on a board. She’s effortlessly cool and creative with an eye for a good photo.