Coco Business Inspiration: BOLDR Watches

The BOLDR brand is dedicated to your journey through life. Whether you’re starting out on your adventure or just doing what you’ve always wanted to do, BOLDR is for the pioneer in you. That’s why each of their products are designed to celebrate the many adventures you may be taking in life. 

House of Coco went behind the brand to find out more about the journey…

When did you launch the brand and what was the reason behind it?
The TRAVISLEON was launched in 2014 with the passion for watches and BOLDR was launched in 2015 with the intent of creating products that empower our wearers to be bolder in life.

Whats your background?
I did Electrical engineering in university and I’m currently working as an airline pilot in Singapore. I love watches and design, which lead me to starting a watch company with my partners Leon whom share the same passion. We are self-taught designers and we don’t have a formal certificate in design. However, that doesn’t stop us from designing and creating products that represent BOLDR and TRAVISLEON.

How many people are involved in the company and what are their roles?
We have 3 core team members, each of us focusing on different perspectives of the business. Being a startup, we need to manage our costs and keep the team lean. At times needed we can all cover one another roles. We are also in the process of expanding the team so watch this space 😉

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If you could start over with the business, would you do anything differently?
I wouldn’t do anything differently for the same business, where we are today came from a series of events that happened for some reason and I wouldn’t know if we had taken a different path would things be better? We just live for the moment, take one step at a time.

What is the hardest challenge you have faced since you started the company?
I think the hardest challenge we faced is when we had to cancelled our Kickstarter campaign when we raised more than $120,000. It wasn’t easy to return the money we raised to start the project, but it was the right thing to do because it wasn’t going to be right to take our backers money without a ready product to ship. We are glad to be able to re-launch after 6 months and we raised about the same amount to kick start the product. I think it always pays to be honest to yourself and to others.

To date, what has been the highlight since launching?
I think it would be the first 16hours of the re-launch for BOLDR watches. We didn’t know what to expect but we were overjoyed when the re-launch on Kickstarter got funded in less than 16hrs! It meant a lot to us to have the support of backers from previous campaign.

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Which city do you feel most at home in, London, Paris or New York?
London. Paris and NY are too busy for me. Coming from Singapore, I appreciate the beautiful parks and the occasional quiet streets in some parts of London.

Style means….?
Less is more.

Best thing about London to you?
I love the various markets in London, Borough Market and Portobello Market just to name two. We find so many interesting things on sale in market that is not found in big department store.

If you had to, what piece of clothing from your wardrobe would you wear everyday?
That would definitely be one of the timepiece from my company. TRAVISLEON Heirloom watch when I’m going to a formal event or want a preppy look. BOLDR Journey Chronograph as my daily casual watch as it never fail to catch the attention of new people I meet and allows me to start a conversation about it.

Best place for a coffee?
I would vote for Melbourne, San Francisco and London for one of the best cappuccino I’ve tried.

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Most memorable piece of advice given to you?
Everyone has the same amount of time, 24 hours, you and I will decide how to spend each day, live each day as if there is no tomorrow, and this is really hard, I am still trying.

Guilty pleasure?
I enjoy a fine glass of wine anytime of the day. To me, wine and coffee are the two most amazing drinks in the world. A single bean or a single grape can produce so many different flavours.

If you could spent 24 hours in anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I would love to spend 24 hours in Reykjavik, Iceland as I’ve never been there and I heard it is one of the most amazing cities in the world. A short trip outside the city, we can find lots of nature and outdoor adventure which is what I love.

In future, how do you plan on expanding the company?
We plan to build BOLDR into a company that doesn’t just do watches, but also other products that empower our wearers to step out of their comfort zone and #BeBOLDR in their life. All of our products will be designed around that intend in mind.

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